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Path of Exile 2: Redefining Action in the ARPG Genre

Sep-19-2023 PST POE 2

While Blizzard faces challenges with the first season of Diablo 4, enthusiasts of the action role-playing game (ARPG) genre are eagerly anticipating the release of Path of Exile 2 by Grinding Gear Games. Originally introduced as a free-to-play alternative to Diablo in 2013, Path of Exile gained immense popularity over the years, thanks to its continuous support from the developer, which includes more than 40 expansions and seasonal leagues.

With Path of Exile 2, Grinding Gear Games aims to build upon the success of its predecessor by enhancing the action aspect of the ARPG genre and introducing even more customization options. Game director Jonathan Rogers recently showcased a hands-off demo featuring the Druid, one of the six new classes in the sequel. Alongside the Druid, players will have access to the Warrior, Huntress, Sorceress, Monk, and Mercenary classes, as well as the six original classes, resulting in a total of 12 classes available at launch and during the closed beta.

During the demo, Rogers exhibited the Druid's unique ability to seamlessly transform between human and bear forms, showcasing its versatility on the battlefield. The game places a strong emphasis on fluid combat, granting each class additional mobility options. Notably, players can now perform a dodge roll using the spacebar, with no cooldown. This simple yet significant change allows for precise timing and enables players to avoid almost every attack, allowing for the possibility of defeating bosses without sustaining any damage. However, achieving such a feat requires a deep understanding of enemy attack patterns and the ability to swiftly move out of harm's way.

Furthermore, almost every ability in Path of Exile 2 can be dodge-canceled, minimizing the risk of being caught vulnerable while channeling a spell with a lengthy casting time. This grants players greater control over their actions and enables strategic decision-making in the face of imminent danger. Additionally, many abilities now possess inherent movement mechanics. For instance, the Sorceress can summon an ice comet that propels her backward, creating distance between her and her foes. The Monk's spinning attack allows for fluid movement, allowing players to carve a path of their choosing, while the Druid's rampage in bear form charges forward like a mighty freight train. Interestingly, rolling as the Druid even reverts the character back to its human form, adding a touch of charm to the gameplay. (On a lighter note, players can roll around town as a bear, showcasing a delightful quirk of the game.)

Path of Exile 2 represents a significant evolution in the ARPG genre, delivering enhanced action and unparalleled customization options. Grinding Gear Games has put careful thought into the design of each class, ensuring that players can engage in exhilarating combat and adapt their playstyle to their preferences. With the inclusion of the Druid and other new classes, as well as the seamless dodge mechanics and inherent movement abilities, the game promises to provide an immersive and dynamic experience for ARPG enthusiasts worldwide. As fans eagerly await the full release of Path of Exile 2, it's clear that the sequel will set a new benchmark for the genre, offering a path of adventure and excitement like never before.

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