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Path of Exile SRS Guardian League Starter Build Guide

Jun-08-2024 PST path of exile

Summon Raging Spirits (SRS) Guardian is a strong league starter built in Path of Exile, known for its great scaling, clear speed, and boss-killing potential. Here's a detailed guide on the skill setup, gear, leveling tips, and more to get you started.

Path of Exile SRS Guardian League Starter Build Guide

Skill Setup

Main Skill: Summon Raging Spirits (SRS)


    Summon Raging Spirit

    Melee Splash (for clearing)

    Minion Damage


    Spell Echo

    Elemental Damage with Attacks / Melee Physical Damage (6-link)



    Summon Skitterbots

    Zealotry (once you have enough mana reservation reduction)

Utility Skills:

    Flesh Offering (for increased minion attack and cast speed)

    Desecrate (to create corpses for Flesh Offering)

    Convocation (to reposition your minions)

    Flame Dash (for mobility)

    Cast when Damage Taken (level 1) + Immortal Call (level 3)

Defensive Setup:

    Determination (if you feel you need more defenses)

    Tempest Shield (for block chance and shock immunity)

    Molten Shell (linked to Cast when Damage Taken)



    High spell damage and/or minion damage wand/scepter

    Trigger a socketed spell when you use a skill (for automatic Flesh Offering/Desecrate setup)


    High life and resistances, ideally with +1 to the level of all minion skill gems


    +Level to minion gems or SRS damage/minion life support

    Life and resistances

Body Armour:

    Tabula Rasa (early game)

    5- or 6-link with high life and resistance


    Life, resistances, minion damage if possible


    Movement speed, life, and resistance

    Optional: “Cannot be frozen” mod


    Life, resistances, minion damage, or attributes you might be lacking (like Strength or Dexterity)


    Life, resistances, minion damage, or attributes


    Stygian Vise with life, resistances, and possibly flask mods


    Minion damage, life, resistances, and any relevant minion mods

Leveling Tips

Leveling Path:

    Level 1-12: Use Freezing Pulse or any early spell you like.

    Level 12: Switch to Summon Raging Spirits once you obtain it.

    Level 24: Obtain Melee Splash and start using it with SRS.

    Level 38: Start using Spell Echo, Multistrike, and Minion Damage with SRS.

Skill Tree Progression:

    Focus on minion damage and life nodes early on.

    Pick up the Aura nodes to increase the effectiveness of your auras.

    Get the Spiritual Aid node to benefit from minion damage increases to your own damage.

    Transition to more defensive nodes like life and block nodes as you approach end-game mapping.

Ascendancy Points

    Radiant Crusade: Provides bonuses for having a minion and boosts their damage.

    Unwavering Crusade: Increases minion damage and survivability, and provides useful auras.

    Bastion of Hope: Boosts block chance and survivability.

    Time of Need: For consistent regeneration and less reliance on flasks.

Pantheon Choices

    Major God: Soul of Lunaris for physical damage reduction and movement speed.

    Minor God: Soul of Shakari for poison immunity or Soul of Gruthkul for physical damage reduction.


    Life Flask: Bubbling Divine Life Flask of Staunching

    Mana Flask: Enduring Eternal Mana Flask of Warding

    Quicksilver Flask: of Adrenaline for speed

    Granite Flask: of Iron Skin for armor

    Quartz Flask: of Heat for phasing and freeze immunity

Gameplay Tips

    Continuously cast SRS to maintain a maximum number of spirits.

    Use Convocation to keep your minions close and safe.

    Keep Flesh Offering active for the attack/cast speed bonus.

    Use Flame Dash for mobility and to reposition quickly during fights.

    Utilize your defensive flasks and skills effectively to mitigate incoming damage.

This build is flexible and powerful, making it an excellent choice for both new and experienced players in the new league. With solid damage output and survivability, and having more Path of Exile currency ps/pc/xbox and POE items will allow you to do more with less effort, you'll be well-equipped to handle all the challenges Path of Exile has to offer.

MMOexp POE Team