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Physical Bow Crafting Guide in Path of Exile

Feb-01-2024 PST path of exile

Crafting a physical bow in Path of Exile (PoE) 3.23 can be an exciting and rewarding experience. Whether you're a beginner or an advanced crafter, this detailed guide will walk you through the process, covering everything from modifiers to bench crafting. Let's dive in!

Physical Bow Crafting Guide in Path of Exile

Understanding Modifiers

In PoE, every item can have its abilities altered through six explicits. When crafting a bow, remember that you can have a maximum of three prefixes and three suffixes. It's crucial to carefully choose the modifiers you want on your bow.

Crafting Metamods

Metamods play a significant role in crafting. They include modifiers like "Prefixes Cannot Be Changed," which essentially act as suffixes. Keep in mind that the metamods you choose are counted as part of your total mods.

Fractured Items

Fractured items come with one fixed mod, ensuring that you always have a desirable mod on your item. However, be cautious when choosing a fractured mod, as a wrong selection could ruin your item. Choose wisely!

Veiled Mods

Veiled mods obtained through the Syndicate mechanic offer unique benefits. Visit June to unveil and select your specific mod. This adds an exciting layer to your crafting process and allows for greater customization.

Add and Remove vs. Reforge

When crafting, it's safer to choose "Add a New Speed Modifier and Remove Another" instead of "Reforge." This approach ensures you don't go over the limit of mods per item, reducing the risk of losing desirable modifiers.

Determining Your Budget

Decide whether you want a bow with "+2 Arrows" or "+1 Arrow." This choice significantly influences your POE Currency budget and the strategy you'll employ for crafting.

Item Crafting Process

Crafting a physical bow involves several steps. Let's break them down:

Base Selection: Aim for at least an 86-level base if you want "+2 Arrows." You can either roll the fracture on your own or purchase an item with the desired mod and then fracture it.

Preparing the Base: Use perfect fossils to raise the quality of your bow to 30%. This step boosts the physical damage of your crafted bow.

Essence Spam: Spam essences on your bow to roll for physical damage. Be prepared to spend a significant number of essences and click a lot during this step.

Employing Aisling: Use Aisling to add a veiled mod to your item. This ensures you obtain specific modifiers that suit your desired build.

Reforging for Speed: This is the most expensive part of the process. Before reforging for speed, make sure you have the "Prefixes Cannot Be Changed" modifier crafted on your bow. This prevents any undesired modifiers from appearing during the reforging process.

Bench Craft: The final step is relatively easy. Use your crafting bench to add a critical strike chance modifier to finalize your bow.

Crafting a physical bow in PoE 3.23 can be an enjoyable and rewarding experience. It requires employing different strategies, exercising patience, and a bit of luck. We hope this guide has provided you with the knowledge and confidence to embark on your crafting endeavors. Good luck!

MMOexp POE Team