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Remembrance Rewards and Weapon Prioritization in Elden Ring

Mar-19-2024 PST Elden Ring

Delving into the world of Elden Ring, one is met with a plethora of challenges and rewards, among them being the coveted Remembrance weapons bestowed upon defeating formidable bosses. For newcomers navigating through the complexities of the game, understanding which of these weapons to prioritize can significantly enhance their gameplay experience. Here, we provide an objective overview of the best Remembrance rewards from each boss, coupled with recommendations on which weapons to duplicate for NG+, offering insights for both seasoned adventurers and those embarking on their maiden journey.

Remembrance Rewards and Weapon Prioritization in Elden Ring

Remembrance Weapon Selection:

1, Remembrance of Blasphemous (Rykard): Rykard's sword stands as a beacon of prowess, offering unparalleled utility for newcomers. Its accompanying spell proves invaluable in dispatching formidable foes, especially those vulnerable to fire damage.

2, Remembrance of Black Blade (Maliketh): Maliketh's offerings, both visually striking and formidable in combat, serve as excellent choices against adversaries boasting substantial health pools.

3, Remembrance of Dragonlord (Placidusax): Placidusax's arsenal presents a dual offering of prowess, with his weapon skill delivering devastating blows to enemies' stances, while his incantation showcases swift execution and remarkable damage output, making it ideal for crowd control.

4, Remembrance of Elden (Elden Beast): The Elden Beast's sword emerges as a cornerstone of farming efficiency, while its accompanying hammer boasts unique utility in traversing challenging terrains.

5, Remembrance of Starscourge (Radahn): Radahn's swords stand as exemplars of strength-based weaponry, offering unparalleled prowess in melee combat, complemented by a bow capable of decimating distant adversaries.

6, Remembrance of Blood Lord (Mohg): Mohg's spear emerges as a pinnacle of versatility, serving as an exemplary choice for both melee engagements and strategic bleed setups, bolstered by an incantation of formidable power.

7, Remembrance of Rot Goddess (Malenia): Malenia's offering, while not requiring a rematch, serves as a reminder of her formidable presence, urging adventurers to approach her domain with caution.

Additional Boss Recommendations:

1, Godrick: While both options are mid-tier in terms of Remembrance rewards, the Fist's stagger potential slightly edges out its counterpart, staying true to the lore.

2, Renalla: The Carian Regal Scepter emerges as a top-tier staff, while the moon, albeit useful, pales in comparison to alternative spells obtainable through questlines.

3, Morgott: Morgott's sword boasts exceptional design and skill utility, overshadowing its accompanying Elden Ring item.

4, Fortisaxx: Despite initial excitement for faith builds, both of Fortisaxx's rewards fall short, with the Lightning Spear offering more consistency over its flashy counterpart.

5, Astel: Astel's weapons, while unique, are outshone by alternatives, with the flail standing out for its novelty and versatile skill usage.

6, Fire Giant: The incantation proves superior to the whip, offering unparalleled utility in combat scenarios against formidable adversaries.

7, Godfrey: Among the Remembrance rewards, Godfrey's offerings fall short, with the ash of war holding a slight edge over the axe in terms of utility.

8, Regal Ancestor Spirit: The choice between the talisman and the weapon hinges on individual playstyle preferences, with the talisman offering exploration benefits and the weapon catering to challenge runs, albeit with some difficulty in execution.

While personal preferences inevitably influence weapon selection, this guide serves as a valuable resource for newcomers seeking to optimize their gameplay experience in Elden Ring. By prioritizing the recommended Remembrance rewards and understanding their unique attributes, adventurers can embark on their journey with confidence, ready to face the myriad challenges that await in the Lands Between. And Elden Ring Runes for sale on mmoexp.com now, 5% off always for you, 24/7 online service!!!

MMOexp Elden Ring Team