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Skull and Bones: Mastering the Art of Item Refinement

Jun-12-2024 PST Skull and Bones

In Skull And Bones, progressing through the game relies heavily on acquiring and refining various materials to craft powerful ships, weapons, and tools. These valuable resources are scattered across the seas, making it essential to gather the raw materials first before refining them into usable SnB items.

Skull and Bones: Mastering the Art of Item Refinement

Acquiring Raw Materials

To obtain raw materials, you have several options. You can harvest them from specific locations, plunder fishing ships, or raid settlements that hold the desired resources. Once you have gathered the necessary raw Skull and Bones materials, the next step is refining them at a designated Refinery.

Locating the Refinery

The Refinery can be found in dens like Sainte-Anne. Navigate to the area housing the Carpenter, Blacksmith, and Ship Builder, and continue past the Ship Builder until you reach a shop marked with "Refinery" above the NPC inside.

Refining Process

Interact with the NPC to access the refinement menu, which initially offers up to three refinement slots. Advancing your Infamy and achieving higher titles unlocks additional slots. Within the refinement menu, select "Refine Items" to view a list of refined materials you can create, such as wood, metal, and cloth.

Identifying Craftable Items

Items that can be crafted using the materials in your cargo are marked with a golden hammer icon in the top right corner. This includes items stored in your warehouse as well.

Initiating Refinement

Choose the material and quantity you wish to refine, then begin the refinement process. Each item takes approximately three to four seconds to refine. You can either wait at the Refinery for the process to complete or return later to collect your refined materials.

Alternative Methods

While refining your own materials offers control and efficiency, you can also acquire refined materials directly through plundering or purchasing from various factions. Mastering the art of item refinement opens up a world of possibilities for enhancing your gameplay experience in Skull And Bones.

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