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Skull and Bones Season 2: All Investigations, How to Unlock & Rewards Guide

Jun-03-2024 PST Skull and Bones
Skull and Bones Season 2 is hot now. In Ubisoft's thrilling pirate adventure, Skull and Bones, investigations offer players the chance to delve into captivating side quests, uncovering hidden treasures and secrets across the vast seas. This comprehensive guide walks you through unlocking all investigations, their step-by-step completion, and the rewarding spoils that await you.

Skull and Bones Season 2: All Investigations, How to Unlock & Rewards Guide

How to Unlock All Investigations in Skull and Bones:

Before embarking on these thrilling quests, you must unlock them by bribing pirate NPCs scattered throughout various outposts and dens. Look out for pirates marked with distinctive purple eye icons, indicating they offer investigations in exchange for silver or gold bribes. Once you've bribed them, the investigation will be added to your journal.

All Investigations Guide in Skull and Bones:

Here's a detailed walkthrough to complete all 10 investigations:

A Legacy of Madness:

Speak with Ceudah Deski, the shipwright, in Telok Penjarah to obtain the first clue.

Travel to Khmoy Estate outpost in the Beruk Sea and locate the shipwreck.

Retrieve the treasure chest near the village well.

Examine the clue in your journal to complete the investigation.

Rewards: Rugged Chest


Search for the wrecked Arnold's ship north of Dutchman's Camp in the Open Seas region.

Destroy the nearby watchtower before salvaging the wreckage.

Salvage the wrecked ship to obtain a clue.

Read the clue to progress.

Rewards: Rugged Chest, Infamy 200x

Freeman's Lost Treasure:

Complete seven other investigations to unlock this quest.

Includes Turning the Page, Mentari of the Unbound, Ambush, Fall of Lanitra, Hunt for the Crown of Ukuta, Grave News, and A Legacy of Madness.

Rewards: TBD

Hunt for the Crown of Ukuta:

Visit Great Ukuta Outpost on the Coast of Africa to start.

Retrieve a leaflet near an overturned cart and proceed to Bandari.

Plunder Bandari for clues and sail to The Navigators' Cross Outpost.

Investigate a shipwreck and dig up the treasure at Pillar Tomb Outpost.

Rewards: Rugged Chest

Mentari of the Unbound:

Bribe pirates in Telok Penjarah and visit the Unbound training ground.

Retrieve Mentari's notes and confront Jacob de Roy's crew.

Return to Telok Penjarah to complete the investigation.

Rewards: Rugged Chest, Infamy 240

The Ashen Corsair:

Defeat Campaigne Royale ships near Guerande and sail to the Western Basin.

Defeat the Ashen Corsair at Three Brothers outpost.

Read the final clue to conclude the investigation.

Rewards: Rugged Chest, Uncut Diamond 8x, Infamy 300

The Fall of Lanitra:

Visit Lanitra outpost and retrieve a newspaper.

Plunder Guerande for clues and confront John Scurlock in Sainte-Anne.

Rewards: Rugged Chest

Turning the Page:

Visit a tavern and interact with a leaflet in Sainte-Anne.

Plunder Sainte-Amelie for clues and locate La Plume.

Confront Anja Rakotomang in Sainte-Anne.

Rewards: 5000 Silver

Grave News:

Plunder Oosten Capital and retrieve a bottle in the Spice Islands.

Sail to Fort Premie and retrieve Carel's belongings in The Necropolis.

Rewards: Rugged Chest, Infamy 300

Bloody Bones Legacy (Premium):

Investigate a large shipwreck off the coast of Hovohovo.

Defeat Le Paradis near Fort Louis and locate Bloody Bones' treasure.

Rewards: Rugged Chest, Uncut Sapphire 20x, Infamy 200x

Completing investigations not only yields valuable loot but also unlocks new adventures and opportunities across the high seas of Skull and Bones. Buy Skull and Bones Items and SnB Silver at MMOexp to further enhance your gaming experience. Prepare your crew, set sail, and let the hunt for treasures begin!

MMOexp Skull and Bones Team