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Skull and Bones Season 2: Top 7 Essential Upgrades to Prioritize

Jun-01-2024 PST Skull and Bones

Embarking on your journey as a pirate in Skull and Bones offers a plethora of progression systems. From your pirate's infamy rank to enhancing your ships with better weapons and armor, every aspect contributes to your advancement on the treacherous seas. Whether you're plundering, exploring, or engaging in battles, there's always something to strive for.

Skull and Bones Season 2: Top 7 Essential Upgrades to Prioritize

While the game offers numerous paths to strengthen your ship and confront greater challenges, some upgrades stand out as essential for early success. Here's a rundown of the first upgrades you should aim for as you set sail under the command of Captain Scurlock.

Note: This list is arranged in chronological order, reflecting the order of accessibility in the game. It may vary slightly based on any blueprints acquired as drops but generally aligns with your early experiences in Skull and Bones.

Rope Locker

The Rope Locker, a Major Furniture upgrade, marks your initial step towards ship enhancement. It significantly improves your travel efficiency, which proves invaluable during the exploration-heavy early stages of the game. While you may eventually replace it with more specialized upgrades, the Rope Locker remains indispensable for much of your early journey.

Iron Husk 1

Aspiring Captains should prioritize upgrading their ship's armor with Iron Husk 1. Enhanced armor prolongs your survival in the perilous waters, crucial for facing unexpected attacks or skirmishes. With this upgrade, your ship becomes more resilient, reducing the frequency of repairs and ensuring your vessel stays afloat in the face of adversity.

Sterile Galley

The Sterile Galley, a Minor Navigation Furniture, provides a significant boost to stamina—an essential resource for prolonged voyages. Its seven percent bonus stamina, particularly when paired with the Rope Locker, allows for sustained high-speed sailing. As you progress, consider incorporating multiple Sterile Galleys into your fleet, especially on larger ships, to maintain agility during combat engagements.

Damage-Enhancing Furniture

Tailor your ship's arsenal to your preferred combat style by equipping damage-enhancing furniture. Whether you favor cannons, mortars, or other weapons, prioritize upgrades that complement your chosen armaments. Investing in damage-boosting upgrades maximizes your offensive capabilities, making you a formidable force on the open seas.

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MMOexp Skull and Bones Team