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The Best Weapons for Dominating in New World

Dec-23-2023 PST New World

Embarking on a journey in New World presents players with a plethora of weapon choices, each capable of shaping their playstyle throughout the vast realm of Aeternum. While every weapon possesses its own unique advantages and intricacies, certain combinations and armaments prove more effective for those seeking to level up swiftly and efficiently.

The Best Weapons for Dominating in New World

Survivability Build: Hatchet and Life Staff

The ability to endure prolonged battles without the need for retreat or recovery, coupled with swift HP regeneration, defines survivability or sustainability. A build focused on exceptional survivability dramatically reduces downtime spent waiting to regain lost health, enabling adventurers to level up rapidly in Aeternum.

One of the most formidable weapon combinations for this build is the Hatchet and Life Staff. The passive abilities of these two weapons synergize seamlessly, allowing adventurers to engage in continuous combat. The Hatchet's Berserk Mode grants the user the ability to heal a portion of their HP through Berserking Refresh, while the Life Staff's Sacred Ground provides substantial healing effects.

DPS/Speed Build: Hatchet and Bow

For those seeking to swiftly dispatch foes and progress through encounters expeditiously, a DPS/Speed build is ideal. This playstyle relies heavily on maximizing damage output and agility, enabling adventurers to swiftly move from one objective to another.

The Hatchet and Bow combination excels in this build. Berserk Mode grants a passive ability that increases damage output by 20%, which, when combined with the Bow's passive ability to enhance movement speed, allows for swift resolution of fights. Furthermore, both weapons provide movement speed bonuses, facilitating seamless travel from point A to point B.

Optimal Attribute Allocation

As characters level up, they earn attribute points that can be invested in combat stats. The recommended allocation of these attributes depends on the weapons favored by the adventurers. Players should channel their attribute points into combat stats that align with their weapon preferences. It's worth noting that attribute resets, known as respecs, are free until level 20, providing an opportunity for experimentation and fine-tuning.

Choosing the Right Armor

In Aeternum, adventurers encounter three types of armor, each offering distinct degrees of protection and mobility. Light Armor provides minimal protection but enhances damage output and mobility. Medium Armor strikes a balance between damage, mobility, and safety. Heavy Armor, on the other hand, offers the highest level of protection but sacrifices some damage output and mobility.

While the choice of armor ultimately depends on personal preference and playstyle, adventurers aiming to expedite their leveling process should prioritize outfits that enhance mobility. Opting for Light Armor enables swift movement and efficient traversal, allowing players to swiftly reach their destinations and objectives.

In the vast world of New World, the choice of weapons and armor greatly affects the gameplay experience. In the same vein, the role of New World Gold in the game is also crucial, and buying cheap New World Coins from MMOexp is the key to success in the game. By understanding the advantages between different weapons and having an ample inventory of gold, adventurers can embark on an eternal journey with confidence, master their chosen play style and face the challenges ahead.

MMOexp New World Team