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The Guide to Maintaining House in New World

Jan-17-2024 PST New World
New World, the popular MMO game, introduces a unique Property Tax system that requires players to pay a small amount of New World gold to upkeep their Houses. Failing to pay on time can have various consequences, including the disabling of fast travel to your home, the inability to decorate your house, restricted access for other players, inactive buffs from trophies, and the inability to use storage containers. While non-payment does not revoke ownership, it hinders players from enjoying the benefits of being a homeowner. However, players can regain access to these utilities by paying their taxes, and backlogs are limited to a maximum of seven days.

The Guide to Maintaining House in New World

The tax amount for properties varies based on their tier, and several factors influence the payment. The Territory Standings and the Settlement Governor are the main influencers of the tax rate. Increasing your reputation offers multiple advantages beyond housing, such as a 5% increase in Faction Tokens earned in a specific territory, a 5% boost in Gathering Speed, a 5% decrease in Property Tax, an increase in the number of housing items that can be placed, and more. Increasing your standing is highly recommended to maximize the benefits provided by this system.

Players should be aware of the impact of territory control on their taxes. The current settlement governor regulates the property fee, leading to varying rates across regions. It's important to note that these rates are not fixed and can change when a new governor is appointed.

Decorating your home is an essential aspect of homeownership in New World. Players can craft or purchase a wide range of items to furnish their houses, including chairs, beds, tables, floral designs, and trophies. While home decor primarily serves aesthetic purposes, it also offers additional benefits. The number of items placed and your territory standing determine the rank of your home decor. If you are at the top of the leaderboard, your house will be visible to every player outside.

Decorations, particularly trophies, play a crucial role, especially in endgame scenarios. These items provide buffs that persist across all regions, offering significant advantages. Combat Trophies grant combat bonuses against specific enemies, Crafting Trophies increase the minimum gear score for related items, Gathering Trophies boost luck in corresponding fields, and Loot Luck Trophies enhance the quality and quantity of loot from chests and monsters.

Each house can accommodate up to 5 trophies, allowing players to activate a maximum of 15 buffs simultaneously. However, it's important to note that displaying identical trophies within the same house does not stack the buffs. To optimize the effects, it is recommended to place different types of trophies throughout your estate. However, if you have identical trophies in separate properties, the buff effects provided by that specific type will double.

Maintaining your New World house is crucial for enjoying its benefits. Paying property taxes on time ensures uninterrupted access to utilities and prevents the disabling of features such as fast travel, decoration, and storage container usage. Increasing your reputation through Territory Standings grants various advantages, including reduced taxes and increased bonuses. Decorating your house not only enhances its appearance but also provides valuable buffs through trophies. Understanding the intricacies of the Property Tax system, territory control, and the benefits of decorations will contribute to a fulfilling homeownership experience in New World.

MMOexp New World Team