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A Hero Guide to Elden Ring's Strength-Based Build

May-11-2024 PST Elden Ring

Elden Ring, the highly anticipated action role-playing game from FromSoftware, introduces players to a vast and treacherous world filled with perilous foes and awe-inspiring landscapes. Amidst this sprawling realm, players embark on a journey as the Hero, a formidable warrior with the potential to shape the fate of the Lands Between. In this guide, we delve into the intricacies of the Hero's starting attributes, equipment, and how to harness their potential to forge a formidable Strength-based build.

A Hero Guide to Elden Ring's Strength-Based Build

The Hero's Arsenal

Upon starting their journey, the Hero is equipped with a formidable array of gear, setting the foundation for their adventures:

Right Hand: Battle Axe

Left Hand: Large Leather Shield

Head: Champion Headband

Chest: Champion Pauldron

Arms: Champion Bracers

Legs: Champion Gaiters

Attributes and Stats

The Hero possesses a unique set of attributes and stats that shape their capabilities in combat:

Level: 7

Vigor: 14

Mind: 9

Endurance: 12

Strength: 16

Dexterity: 9

Intelligence: 7

Faith: 8

Arcane: 11

HP: 499

FP: 65

Stamina: 95

Strengths of the Hero

The Hero's high Strength and Vigor lay the groundwork for a formidable tanky Strength-based build. With an emphasis on raw physical power, the Hero excels in wielding heavy weapons and absorbing punishment from adversaries. While lacking the finesse of more agile builds, the Hero's resilience makes them a formidable force on the battlefield.

Crafting a Strength-Based Build

Strength builds in Elden Ring revolve around wielding heavy weapons with devastating force, overwhelming foes with sheer power. Here's how to optimize the Hero's potential:

1.Utilize Heavy Weapons: Leverage the Hero's Strength attribute to wield massive weapons such as greatswords, hammers, and axes. These weapons deal immense damage per strike, capable of cleaving through enemy defenses with ease.

2.Invest in Vigor: With a solid base of 14 Vigor, prioritize further investment in this attribute to bolster the Hero's health pool. A robust vitality ensures survivability in the face of relentless assaults, allowing for prolonged engagements with formidable foes.

3.Manage Endurance: While the Hero's Endurance sits at a respectable 12, consider allocating additional points to this attribute to expand the stamina pool. Heavy weapons consume significant stamina with each swing, necessitating prudent management to avoid exhaustion in combat.

4.Embrace Tankiness: Equip the Hero with heavy armor sets to enhance their resilience against enemy attacks. While sacrificing mobility, the additional protection mitigates incoming damage, allowing for a more aggressive playstyle.

Combat Strategies

In combat, the Hero's strength lies in their ability to deliver punishing blows while weathering enemy assaults. Employ the following strategies to dominate the battlefield:

- Exploit Staggering: Leverage the staggering effect of heavy weapons to disrupt enemy attacks and create openings for devastating counterattacks. Timing strikes to interrupt enemy actions can turn the tide of battle in your favor.

- Prioritize Posture Damage: With high Strength, focus on inflicting posture damage to foes, opening them up to critical hits and finishing blows. Capitalize on openings created by staggered enemies to unleash devastating combos and secure victory.

- Manage Stamina Wisely: Monitor the Hero's stamina gauge during combat, ensuring that enough reserves are maintained for both offense and defense. Avoid overcommitting to attacks, as exhaustion leaves the Hero vulnerable to enemy counterattacks.


As the Hero in Elden Ring, players embark on an epic journey of discovery and conquest, wielding the power to shape the fate of the Lands Between. With a focus on strength and resilience, the Hero excels in wielding heavy weapons and weathering the storm of battle. By leveraging their formidable attributes and equipment, players can forge a formidable Strength-based build capable of overcoming any challenge that crosses their path. There are a variety of Elden Ring builds, all of which require the investment of a large number of Elden Ring Runes and Elden Ring Items, and you can demand the help of MMoexp's Elden Ring Boosting service to build the most appropriate and strongest heroes.

MMOexp Elden Ring Team