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​All going to be sorta basic tips

Dec-10-2020 PST Madden 21

These are on the whole going to be sorta essential tips to get settled on Defense. Do the protection drills. It sorta will clarify also, at any rate give you reps on safeguard. 

The vast majority utilize the Middle Linebacker however you can be a lineman or wellbeing in case you're not happy there.

Play a 4-3 protection and matchup your developments to theirs. On the off chance that you see 2WR on the base you go base safeguard, 3 WR nickel, 4WR dime. Have a go at utilizing zone and 2 man under as opposed to blitzing since its dangerous and you're "terrible" as you state.

At that point when the ball is snapped take a gander at the oline. In the event that they shoot the ball towards you it's a run, attempt and see where they appear as though they're attempting to make an opening, and hit that opening. In the event that the oline drops back, it's a pass doubtlessly. So cover your alloted zone or man. 

Gain proficiency with the pre snap catches and what they do. As once you're comfortable on the field in any event moving a person into good position reliably, you can do individual changes like predect pass if its third and long. Wont consistently help however your protectors play in an unexpected way.

Last tip is wreck w sliders in the event that you need as well. They help a ton, take a gander at some on the web if necessary. What's more, that the AI likes to toss to the open person right? Well attempt and make that person be the halfback on a check down.

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