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​Forced to resign after 8 seasons

Apr-26-2021 PST Madden 21

After 8 seasons, two MVPs, 1 SB win, and 1 SB misfortune with the Jags, I chose to head out in different directions and test free organization. I arrived at 99 ovr part of the way through year 3. I put the entire group on my back with my most elevated ovr beneficiary being a 82 and DJ Chark resigning, and lead them to 2 Super Bowl appearances while taking 55+ sacks each year. No one offered me an agreement, not even the Jags. This game is so DAMN disappointing man. Enormous exercise in futility. Alter: Chark didn't resign, the Jags just let him walk.

Tongaryen revealed to me that Lots of things about establishment have neither rhyme nor reason. Pastry specialist Mayfield made two Pro Bowls and won a MVP. Browns let him walk. Huge Ben and Drew Brees both resign, and neither the Steelers or Saints offered Baker an agreement, nor did they draft another establishment QB either - Kyle Allen began for the Saints and Jarrett Stidham for the Steelers. Cook? Back up for Mahomes at association least.

Any jokes about Baker being MVP to the side - I really like him as a player and suspected he gave genuine indications of progress last season - yet there's simply no chance a player does that at that point groups who need a QB and have the cap space don't offer for him. Same as a beneficiary setting up 1,200 yards getting then going through a year out of the class in light of the fact that no group offered him an arrangement.

On establishment I ordinarily end up attempting to 'fix' these issues. Eg marking Baker myself at that point exchanging him to one of the groups who needs a QB (however didn't sign him).

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