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​Some inquiries with respect to establishment

Apr-19-2021 PST Madden 21

So to begin, I just returned to Madden (thx EA Play... I surmise) on PS5... 

1, Is it just me or are quality hostile lineman incredibly uncommon in Madden 21 draft classes? In past Maddens I could fabricate stacked hostile lines and for the most part reliably have each linemen in my group stay more than 90 by and large simply by supplanting them as they matured effectively in the draft, yet in M21 its difficult to try and track down a respectable lineman that begins with great dev its. The last draft class I had, had 0 star or better dev lineman and the most elevated in general was 72. Each explored lineman was explored as lower than their projected pick (red jewel)

2, Was the interactivity just planned in view of 99 generally speaking MUT cards? Lineman dont block, jukes may be the slowest I've at any point seen and practically silly in light of the fact that regardless of whether the juke is fruitful a cautious tackle pursues you down before you return to speed. Wide collector courses are.. no doubt.. repulsive? There are no sharp cuts, recipients run what we would consider "apathetic" courses irl, adjusting in/out, corner/post courses, inclines getting no detachment on the grounds that the collector runs through the break and afterward partially through the course quits advancing upfield and curves the course back towards the LoS. Every one of these issues seem like this is on the grounds that the game is planned around amazingly high generally speaking MUT cards, so courses are terrible except if you have 90+ course running, lineman/fbs simply overlook blocks, running backs need to have capacities.

3, Has anybody here attempted the triple alternative? Its abominable, no not on the grounds that its not successful but rather in light of the fact that the QB acts like they have no clue about how to pitch the ball? I was running the Heisman arrangement and presumably 1 in each 5 triple choices my QB will hold the ball in the hand away from his pitch man (they generally hold the ball in some unacceptable hand) and attempt to pitch the ball across his body, more often than not prompting him failing for a bumble directly in front of him, and on the off chance that he got the pitch out the running back needs to stop get the ball behind him and twist to begin getting upfield, and afterward there's even the opportunity the ball hits the running back in the chest however he doesn't respond to it and it simply drops to the ground for a bungle.. really out of the relative multitude of issues here, the issue with a NFL QB not realizing how to pitch a ball may be the most baffling.

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