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​What makes the gun so powerful

May-04-2021 PST Madden 21

I'm almost certain I am somewhat terrible really at Madden yet I have a respectable winning record in online H2H that has been acquired essentially solely through like five plays (zone, cross drag, spot choice, verticals, slip screen) in the gun arrangement with the Bucs.

I attempt to utilize different developments, remembering for training mode, yet for reasons unknown I am far more powerful out of the gun with those couple of plays than some other arrangement.

What makes the gun so compelling, at any rate with the Bucs? Plays like cross drag slaughter man safeguard and can neutralize zone protection, while verticals can execute zone and there is a protected choice with the RB running up the center if nothing creates.

I've seen that a ton of the other arrangements' plays appear to send a couple of folks on a go course (that consistently gets gotten) and the fundamental collector is on some other course where the danger/reward proportion feels a lot of more terrible, for example sending Mike Evans on a corner course where it can get cut off by a linebacker dropping in inclusion, sending Godwin on a little drag course that seldom gets a lot of yardage, and so forth.

Then again, several gun plays send everybody on long, possibly profound, courses that allow each one of those folks to beat 1-1 inclusion and read it without any problem. Is there something about gun that makes those sorts of plays work, or is it simply an occurrence that gun has those plays?

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