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​Which Madden should I get for a decent run hefty experience

May-19-2021 PST Madden 21

I just have a PC now, and would get a comfort just to play madden on, so I need to attempt to settle on the most taught decision I can.

I played a great deal when I was a youngster however scarcely since the xbox 360 came out, so have no clue about which may suit me best...

Im a lot greater enthusiast of the run game than passing and might want it to not be dominated by prevailing passing offenses yet additionally for it to feel ideal to run the ball, and not simply be powerful e.g not be sucked into handles and have dreadful activitys and collaborations, liquid inclination essentially. This is presumably more significant than it being a decent procedure for me - I dont use "cheddar plays", so an even run game is the thing that I'm searching for, not only a few that function admirably.

I'd like a form with a decent establishment mode as well - I've heard some of them arent awesome, yet I dont know why especially, I'm not actually into overseeing arena deals and stuff - yet I might want a decent movement framework and possibly be ready to pick how the players progress (however this is optional to a pleasant inclination running match-up.

I don't think a lot about the reassure circumstance either, so any counsel here is especially valued as well...

E.g on the off chance that I purchase a PS2 will it pass on in a half year? What's more, in the event that a XB360 game is nearly just about as great as a XB1 game, I'd prefer set aside myself the cash and get the XB360 (except if the XB360 is probably going to bite the dust inside a year or whatever).

Likewise, how is the new freak football association? I looks very gimmicky and irritating from the start impression, yet may be pleasant when you get into it - I do adore the thought however the ongoing interaction looks anything besides smooth.

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