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​Why do kickers and punters advance in reverse

Jun-24-2021 PST Madden 21

I'm going to play my ninth season in an establishment, and I need to totally remake my uncommon groups unit. The created punters and kickers have such noodle legs, fuckers never have kick control more than 93. In the event that you take a gander at the whole alliance, the folks with the most elevated kick power are genuine players who are generally at any rate 30.

This can be baffling on the grounds that kicking past the 35 yard line is now hard enough. In any case, what genuine NFL kicker can't reach past the crossbar on a 51 yard field objective? That poop is humiliating. Envision being a NFL proprietor, you have your rich tycoon companions with you in the suite, and your slap dick kicker simply humiliates the whole establishment?

Same can be said with punters. Three and outs happen to potentially anyone, yet damn I need my person to at any rate TRY to look skilled punting. It resembles they're just doing it for the cash.

I generally alter the produced draft class punters/kickers precision/force and lift the XP slider on them as well. Kickers/FBs/O-line get totally 0 love by EA.

OL is the most intolerable, strange wounds and I don't figure you can improve the advancement characteristic (without altering the player), practically every one of them are trash and difficult to create. I generally alter their physical issue to 99 since it's simply idiotic. Polished their xp slider by 15% which is alright dislike I can turn my 77 generally focus (#1 by and large part in the draft class) into a 99 since he has ordinary turn of events.

FBs don't get love yet I seldom use em, there's ordinarily nice ones in the draft so not a problem.

I increased the kicking slider for distance, I continued missing the mark on 51 yarders with Justin Tucker like tf is that.

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