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​Are there any longer cut scenes in 2K21

Jan-25-2021 PST NBA 2K21

I quit playing this game following a couple of long stretches of playing it, since I had gotten an uncommon form of the game. What's more, after the Prelude, there wasn't any cut scenes.

Not in any event, when you go to gather VC. No after game meetings. Furthermore, no different sorts of cut scenes that were in 2k20.

Presently, I realize that they put their substance into the Prelude, which was excellent.

Yet, I just idea they would have like in-game cut scenes after the Prelude, as 2k20 did. They simply do refreshes for MyTeam now.

I don't play MyTeam by any means. 2k doesn't refresh MyLeague or Mycareer, which are generally what I play on 2k.

I truly like this game. Yet, if they somehow managed to add more cut scenes or refreshing somethings, I would play it more. The game just feels dry.

Mycareer is in a real sense simply playing a game over and over, there are no cut scenes when you sign Endorsment arrangements or things like that. You don't get met after the game.

Regardless of whether they added the new City Jerseys for groups that would make it additionally intriguing and make me like the game more. They added the new city pullovers for Play Now, however not for MyCareer.

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