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​My 2K21 Wishlist - MyCareer

Jan-03-2021 PST NBA 2K21


- Park Matchmaking (players are stacked into the neighborhood with comparable win% dependent on rate levels; ex: 0-30win%, 31-40 win%, 41-50 win%, 51-60 win%, 61-70 win%, 71-80 win%, 81-90 win%, 91-100 win%. At the point when you move into the following level of win% you're not permitted to join neighborhoods of the lower levels; same goes for lower levels joining into higher levels).

- Replace Restrictive Archetype System with Custom Pie Charts (Give each player 400 property focuses to begin with and make their own covers; taking into account the capacity to make any prime example they need. Each player gets 55 identification focuses they can put any place they need, with a restriction of 30 identification focuses per classification).

- Restructure the Physics Philosophy Within The Game, as it Pertains to the Correlation Between Speed, Height, Weight and Strength (Ex: PGs to SGs max blend 6'5 200 95 speed 75 strength , SFs max mix 6'8 240, 91 speed 85 strength, PFs Max mix 6'11 240, 87 speed 88 strength, Cs 6'11 280, max mix 70 speed 90 strength - ALL DEPENDANT ON BUILD AS WELL)

- Boost the Amount of Badge Progression Earned in MyCareer (plain as day)

- Buff the Effectiveness of Pick Dodger and Unpluckable

- Remove "Partner Badges, for example, Flexible Release and Bailout

- Increase the recurrence of unlawful screens for players who don't set screens effectively and all things considered, run into safeguards holding circle/B, while obviously moving prior to building up position.

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