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​Next-Gen Rec Matchmaking and 2x Rep Event

Jan-14-2021 PST NBA 2K21

How might I sit in the storage space for more than 15 minutes and end up in one of two situations: 

1. I never discover partners, so I wind up leaving and shutting 2K for the afternoon.

Or then again

2. I ultimately discover 2 partners, generally lower appraised than me, get added two AI players at that point get coordinated versus a pre-made 5 man group of 95+.

Like, there is an occasion on only for The Rec, which is actually why I'm attempting to play it. You can't disclose to me that there is no one needing to play it, in light of the fact that there's a lot of individuals outside the storage space and the Rec building.

2K need a superior matchmaking framework, maybe like a line framework where you converse with a NPC and select a position job, much like you would in a MMORPG. It would work much in a way that is better than squandering 15+ minutes of your life in a storage space.

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