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Why are 2k players so unimportant

Mar-19-2021 PST NBA 2K21

This post basically applies to PARK ongoing interaction yet additionally REC/Pro-Am. For what reason do 2k players need everything to be on THEIR footing. A colleague could go 0/6 from the field after over spilling and making good for nothing efforts. My group would by one way or another still in the game since I play extraordinary protection and make the correct play on offense.

Brother , the score is 19-18 we're down. I secure the board on my rhythm pushing point... totally cross the poo out of my matchup on the declining quick break. Subsequently , I draw consideration of different safeguards. I invest wholeheartedly in making the correct play... so what do you figure I do ? Gaudy pass to a similar bum that went 0/6 tumbling all around the court whenever a feature happens totally open in the corner. This mother lover takes the ball runs as far as possible backcourt to flaunt his spill moves until the shot clock went off.

Another circumstance where I got my playmaking takeover in a nearby park game and my group would in a real sense act like im not there they continued doing hot potato with the ball figuring they could get a bologna basin .. essentially being trivial asf in light of the fact that they didnt need me to have the ball in my grasp and go full LeBron mode.

I just dont get it man ? Like I never witness crap like this to the groups I play , is it since I just play with randoms ? Im not very enamored with crews since I simply prefer to bounce on and play.. hear some out music and so forth and still keep a .709 win pct in the recreation center. Do individuals just wanna have some good times and bounce on the court just to kill time?

Do you think so? Hope 2k more better, i love this game. And buy cheap NBA 2K21 MT from MMOexp, safe & fast.