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​Some genuine enhancements for 2K21

Feb-01-2021 PST NBA 2K21

The Rec needs some genuine upgrades from protection, matchmaking, charging fouls, inactivity, and so forth I'll begin by saying I'm not the best playing in the rec as I am in other game modes. This is my first time truly playing rec so I'm becoming acclimated to it. Ive had something reasonable of terrible games and awful shots so I'm not going to put all the fault on 2k however this mode needs enhancements.

Matchmaking As An individual who plays honorable obligation Im used to awful matchmaking and keeping in mind that I do comprehend not every person has cutting edge the matchmaking needs to improve. Each game I have 1-2 AI partners while Im going toward A full crew or I'm going toward 95 and up overalls who are elite player/whiz rank while my colleagues just got the game and under a 87.

Idleness This makes the game unplayable on occasion for reasons unknown the criticism is so postponed I can't reveal to you how frequently I shoot the ball or pass it however it doesn't enlist immediately I'll need to press An or X multiple times before it at last registers bringing about A vigorously challenged shot or turnover. Not certain why this is an issue particularly since I have an Ethernet line.

Protection Defense is truly hard to play this year, however not on the grounds that theres An immense expertise hole but since of how OP the game is. I played A game the previous evening where A person shot over 80% making intensely challenged efforts where the safeguard was in his face and fadeaway three's. Curry slide is irritating yet not difficult to monitor. Intimidator feels pointless in light of the fact that it doesn't actuate a fraction of the time. On the off chance that I have hof clips and lower leg supports I ought not get passed up so effectively notwithstanding on the off chance that they have speedy initial step HOF. Try not to try and kick me off on the contact dunks. Great cautious players get rebuffed for terrible offense.

Slack Me and my companions hace slacked out of a few games despite the fact that our web is acceptable and we have Ethernet line.

Randoms/partners This isn't 2ks issue yet some of you need to really become familiar with the sport of b-ball and comprehend your job. Realize when to cut, realize when to turn on safeguard, realize what is and is certainly not An awful shot. Comprehend that since you made the meta PF construct that looks like Lebron, KD and so forth doesn't mean you need to do everything. If it's not too much trouble quit spilling and pass when you are being caught. Don't reliably make vigorously challenged efforts. Additionally in case you're the player who flounders or call A break or get A 5 second infringement grow up. Had A colleague the previous evening call breaks and lemon since we didn't pass him the ball. He was cold for one 2 he didn't make any shots and 3 his matchup dropped 24 on him before halftime. It's consistently the fellows who have tantrums when they don't get the show on the road yet never play protection you're harming the group. Quit attempting to play saint ball that is the thing that positions and colleagues are for.

Charging foul This should be fixed ASAP so often I get A charge when I'm not in any event, spilling into the safeguard 2k sucks my player into the protector causing A charge when he wasn't in any event, taking A charge.

Activitys This has been an issue for a few 2ks. 2k has your player doing activitys you can't handle. Like when you lose the ball and he just stands there and doesn't let it all out. Running the other way while on protection.

Slicing when you are attempting to go to the 3 point line. Doing a superfluous reach in foul when you just tapped x.

Knock takes/spamming X If I have HOF unpluckable I ought not lose the ball to knock takes or spilling off the protectors foot I should just be torn by individuals who have pick pocket hof. The measure of individuals who simply spam x everytime with A 25 take rating and get takes is unsuitable.

Rundown It's not all 2ks flaw I require to play rec more and become acclimated to it. I've had a lot of terrible games and awful shots and passes. Anyway this game mode would be significantly more fun if 2k fixed these issues and individuals comprehended their job and played group ball.

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