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Builds and Weapons Tips in Throne and Liberty: Tanks, DPS, and Support

Jul-04-2024 PST Throne and Liberty

Hello fellow adventurers! Today I am very excited to bring you a comprehensive guide on different builds and weapons for our favorite game. I received a lot of requests to simplify and categorize this information, so I divided it into three classic RPG roles: Tank, DPS, and Support. Moreover, whether you are a novice or an old hand, if you want to complete the task easily, it is a good choice to buy Throne and Liberty Lucent in exchange for powerful weapons and equipment through MMOexp. At the same time, MMOexp has the advantages of high transaction efficiency and more discounts compared with other platforms. Let's get started!



Sword and Shield Build

For all you beefy boys who love the tank role, the Sword and Shield is your best bet. After extensive gameplay and consideration, I've concluded that no other weapon combination comes close for tanking.

· Strengths: High survivability, crowd control (CC), and a counter barrier with reflect.

· Recommended Build: Focus on leveling your Valiant Brawl to Blue early on, as it's your main damage ability in PvE. For a PvP build, adjust as needed with skills from the Great Sword to maximize versatility.

· Combos: Situational. No fixed combos due to the nature of tanking, but having a duo or party helps a lot in PvE.

Sword and Shield with Wand and Tome Build

For those aspiring to play the Holy Paladin:

· Strengths: Sleep and spread effects, number advantage in skirmishes.

· Recommended Build: Use sleep on one target and spread it around. Karmic Haze for spreading debuffs. Consider swapping Spectrum Agony for other healing abilities or passives.

· Customization: Feel free to tweak the build to fit your play style, especially in PvP.

DPS (Damage Per Second)


Great Sword and Dagger Build

A crit-focused build that's devastating in both PvE and PvP:

· Strengths: High critical damage, CC, and versatility.

· Recommended Build: Max out Valiant Brawl early. For combos, use Shadow Strike, Ankle Slash, and Poison to stack crits and follow up with stunning and damage abilities.

· Customization: Adapt passives for extra damage and consider skills like Camouflage and Frenzy for situational advantages.

Sword and Longbow Build

A support DPS build with crit focus:

· Strengths: Root and CC breaking, skill resets.

· Recommended Build: Use ensnaring to catch targets and Devoted Shield for survival. Combine with Great Sword skills for damage combos.

· Customization: Play around with passives and skills to maximize crits and versatility.



Wand and Bow Build

The ultimate support build:

· Strengths: Massive heals, CC, and buffs for teammates.

· Recommended Build: Use skills that maximize healing and support potential. Include sleep, ensnaring, and deadly markers to boost ally performance.

· Customization: Swap out damage skills for more supportive abilities in PvP. Ensure you have a partner to help in PvE as you won't deal much damage.


These are just some of the entry-level builds. Each build has its own advantages and can be customized to suit your play style and needs. In order to save your time and avoid wasting too much effort to experience new content, you can buy them on MMoexp with TL Lucent for sale at a good price, instant delivery, professional services and security guarantee. Stay safe and enjoy your adventure!

MMOexp Throne and Liberty Team