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Dark and Darker: Best Fighter Build Overview

Nov-29-2023 PST Dark And Darker

Among the eight playable classes in Dark and Darker, the Fighter is the best class for beginners as it can wield a large number of weapons. The weaknesses of this class are almost none, and its movement speed is pretty good. The best setup for a fighter class in a team setup is with a cleric, ranger, and wizard. A fighter can protect both wizards and rangers from attacks with the help of Cleric. Here is the best Dark and Darker fighter build with skills, perks, and gear.

Dark and Darker: Best Fighter Build Overview

Best Fighter Build

There are a lot of options available in Dark and Darker when choosing a fighter build. With the right skills, perks, and gear, you can become a protector of your team or a great damage dealer according to your goals. Here are more details about the best Fighter build.

Best Perks

Perks are passive bonuses that will help you easily deal with dungeons. Eleven perks for Fighter are available in Dark and Darker. Here are all the available Fighter perks with details.

Adrenaline Spike – The action speed is increased by fifteen percent when the health is less than fifteen percent.

Barricade – This perk increases the defense rating bonus by five percent when the player is in a defensive stance.

Combo Attack – This perk increases the physical attacking power by ten percent with each strike of a melee weapon. It lasts for two seconds only.

Counterattack – When you block an attack, the movement speed and the attacking speed are increased by ten percent for three seconds.

Defense Mastery – This perk boosts the AR from armor by ten percent.

Dual Wield – When a two-handed weapon is equipped, the attack speed is increased by fifteen percent.

Projectile Resistance – It reduces all the damage from projectiles by ten percent.

Shield Mastery – In a defensive stance, the movement speed is increased by ten percent. In the same stance, the blocking speed for the next attack is increased by fifty percent when you successfully block an attack.

Slayer – With this perk, you won't be able to wear the plate armor, but it boosts the damage bonus by five when you equip a two-handed weapon.

Swift – This perk reduces the speed penalty that you get for wearing armor by ten percent.

Weapon Mastery – This perk will provide you with all the secondary and primary weapons of each class, and there is no class requirement.

Best Skills

Skills are active abilities for a class in Dark and Darker. You can activate these skills by pressing 'Q' and 'E' keys. There is a total of right skills for Fighter in the game, and you can equip only two of them at a time. In almost all the Fighter builds the second win skill is seen because it gives you a second chance by regenerating your health.

Adrenaline Rush – This skill will increase the attacking speed by twenty-five percent for eight seconds.

Breakthrough – This skill will remove all the movement speed-reducing debuffs.

Perfect Block – With this skill, your next defense will block any upcoming attack.

Second Wind – This skill will recover fifty percent of total health for twelve seconds.

Shield Slam – This skill will reduce the movement speed of an enemy by twenty percent for two seconds.

Sprint – This skill will increase the movement speed of the Fighter to some extent for six seconds.

Taunt – This skill works in a selected area and increases the aggro value of all enemies in that area by fifty percent. You'll also get a fifteen percent extra defense rating bonus.

Victory Strike – Your next attack will inflict twenty percent more damage to enemies. Kill enemies with this skill to get five percent of your total health back.

Best Gear

The Fighter Class is nicknamed the weapon master in Dark and Darker. This class can equip virtually all the weapons available in the game thanks to the Weapon mastery perk. Other than that, here are all the exclusive Fighter weapons.





A spear is a great weapon, and the Ranger class can also equip this weapon with their spear proficiency perk. It is a medium-range weapon that can deal a lot of damage to enemies. Halberd is a ranged weapon, but a spear is often preferred by players thanks to the thrust. For ranged battles, the bow is the best option, while the arming sword or the long sword with the shield is the perfect blend for melee attacks. Long swords also enable players to do a parry-style block. Fighter can't use any spells for crowd control, so a ranged weapon is a must-have for all the Fighter builds. For beginners, the shield is a must-have as it will protect them from all the incoming damage. Avoid fighting with multiple enemies at the same time, even if your defense is high.

MMOexp Dark And Darker Team