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Dark and Darker Multiclass Guide

Jul-04-2024 PST Dark And Darker

Welcome to our Dark and Darker Multiclass guide! Multiclassing allows you to create a unique and powerful character by combining abilities from different classes. While the system is still under development, we'll keep this guide updated with the latest information.

Dark and Darker Multiclass Guide

Unlocking Multiclass

To unlock Multiclassing, you must reach level 31 with your main class. At this point, you'll earn your first Learning Token, which can be used to acquire a Perk, Skill, or Spell from another class. The Multiclass feature is accessible through the training subcategory in your class tab.

Next, you need to level the class from which you want to borrow an ability to level 30. For example, if your main class is Cleric and you want to use the Ranger's Spear Proficiency, you must level both your Cleric to 31 and your Ranger to 30. This process can be repeated for as many classes as you desire, allowing you to create a highly versatile character with abilities from each class in the game.

Earning and Using Learning Tokens

Learning Tokens are crucial for Multiclassing. These tokens are earned by leveling up a class to level 31 and beyond, with up to 13 Learning Tokens available between levels 31 and 70.

When you use a Learning Token, you'll choose from three random Skills, Spells, and Perks from the class you've selected. The chosen ability is then added to your character sheet, where it can be integrated into your build. If you wish to change your choices, you can reset them using the Fortune Teller.

Resetting Multiclass Using the Fortune Teller

At any point, you can reset your Multiclass choices by visiting the Fortune Teller Vendor's "services" tab. For a fee of 500 gold, you'll reclaim all your earned Learning Tokens and wipe any learned Skills, Spells, and Perks from other classes. This feature can be used as many times as you want but has a 24-hour cooldown. When your Dark and Darker gold are insufficient, remember to replenish them in MMOexp.

Example Builds

Cleric/Ranger Build

1.Main Class: Cleric

2.Secondary Class: Ranger


Spear Proficiency (Ranger): Increases damage and range with spears.


Healing Light (Cleric): Provides crucial healing during battles.


Blessed Defense (Cleric): Reduces damage taken.

This build enhances the Cleric's defensive and healing capabilities with the Ranger's offensive skills, creating a balanced and versatile character ideal for both support and combat roles.

Barbarian/Wizard Build

1.Main Class: Barbarian

2.Secondary Class: Wizard


Arcane Power (Wizard): Boosts magical damage for a short duration.


Fireball (Wizard): Adds ranged magical attacks to the Barbarian's arsenal.


Berserker Rage (Barbarian): Increases attack speed and damage.

Combining the Barbarian's brute strength with the Wizard's powerful spells creates a formidable character capable of dealing massive damage both up close and from a distance.

Tips for Effective Multiclassing

Plan Ahead: Consider your playstyle and the roles you want to fulfill in your party. Choose classes and abilities that complement each other.

Balance Offense and Defense: Ensure your character has a good mix of offensive and defensive abilities to handle various combat situations.

Experiment: Don't hesitate to experiment with different combinations. Use the Fortune Teller to reset your choices if needed.

Leverage Class Strengths: Utilize the strengths of each class to cover the weaknesses of another, creating a well-rounded and resilient character.


That concludes our Multiclass guide for Dark and Darker! Multiclassing opens up endless possibilities for character customization, allowing you to create unique and powerful builds tailored to your playstyle. Keep experimenting and discovering new combinations to enhance your gameplay experience. For more Dark and Darker content, check out our home page and stay tuned for updates.

MMOexp Dark and Darker Team