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Dark and Darker Parry Guide: Ice Caves and Mobs

Jun-21-2024 PST Dark And Darker

Welcome to our updated parry guide for the Dark and Darker Ice Caves. This guide is designed to help both new and experienced players navigate the treacherous icy variants and mobs with precision. Parrying effectively can significantly enhance your survival and combat efficiency, so let's delve into the techniques and strategies for each enemy type you'll encounter in the Ice Caves.

Dark and Darker Parry Guide: Ice Caves and Mobs

Skeleton Guardsman

Long Step Forward:

Aim slightly off to the side.

Backstep while parrying.

This attack is easy to avoid or parry but ensure you're stepping back to avoid damage.

Shield Bash:

Avoid hitting the shield directly; aim to the side.

Backstep as the Guardsman steps forward to parry.

Diagonal Slash:

This attack is inconsistent.

Aim where the Guardsman's back foot is, but it's often safer to backstep out of range.

Skeleton Archer

Standard Shot:

Place your sword along the bow, aiming just off the left cheek.

The push attack is trickier; backstep and aim the sword tip at the archer's abdomen.

For consistency, aim right off the shoulder.

Push Attack:

Backstep while aiming the tip of your sword at the archer's abdomen.

Aiming just off the shoulder can also work consistently across all variants.

Frost Swordsman

Diagonal Slash:

Aim off to the side, about a character model to the right.

This parry is usually easy, though the latest update made it slightly inconsistent.


Aim down slightly below waist height and two character models to the left.

Backstep while parrying for better success.

Hall Bird Mob

Thrust Attack:

Crouch under the thrust and aim up to parry.

Alternatively, strafe left and throw the camera to the right for better consistency.

Horizontal sweeps are best avoided by jumping rather than attempting a parry.


Base Harpy:

Aim above its feet around the chest area, just below the head.

Keep backstepping to avoid getting hit.

Elite Variant:

The elite harpy has a different hitbox and a two-hit combo, making it more challenging to parry consistently.

Cobalt Archer

Close Range:

Aim under their ear when in close proximity.

For medium distance, aim just above the ear.

Far Range:

Aim a third above them and adjust as you get closer.

Axe Cobalt

Vertical Attack:

Aim to align the longsword blade with the Cobalt's hand.

This mob is annoying and inconsistent, requiring precise timing and positioning.

Frost Giant with Shield

Shield Bash:

The hitbox is inconsistent, making parries unreliable.

The best approach is to kite to the side the giant isn't attacking from.


Random Swings:

Parry the first attack, then cut around to the left to force a ground pound.

The hitbox on the Berserker's fists is erratic, making consistent parrying difficult.

Skeleton Mace Man

Forward Momentum:

Backstep while aiming down and to the left.

This parry is very consistent, unlike others.

Skeleton Felling Axe

Aggressive Approach:

Stay in tight and be aggressive.

This mob is straightforward to parry.

Elite Ice Demon

Fan Attack:

Push right and kite left to avoid explosion damage.

Parry the first bolt of the fan and deal damage during the openings.


Shot Attack:

Strafing to the side and avoiding direct confrontation is the best approach.

Parrying them can cause explosions that harm you.


Face Parry:

Aim at their face while maintaining proper spacing.

Kite around to the right and use regular attacks.


Jump Attack:

Aim with the tip of the sword to parry the attack from its right side.

Timing is tight; ensure spacing to avoid post-parry damage.


Parrying in Dark and Darker requires precise timing, positioning, and understanding of each mob's attack patterns. While some mobs have consistent parry windows, others can be highly unpredictable. For new players, mastering the basics with easier mobs like the Skeleton Guardsman and Archer is a good starting point before tackling more complex enemies like the Harpy and Berserker.

Stay tuned for more updates as we delve deeper into the intricacies of parrying and mastering Dark and Darker. If you have any questions or need the amount of Dark and Darker Gold, feel free to visit MMOexp. Good luck, longsword enthusiasts, and happy dungeon crawling!

MMOexp Dark and Darker Team