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Dark and Darker Tips and Tricks From MMOexp

Mar-26-2024 PST Dark And Darker

Dark and Darker is a fantasy Dungeon game where you’ll be dealing with powerful enemies and traps all in one place. It is a first-person player-vs-player and player-vs-environment game. Each match in Dark and Darker will land you in a dungeon with other players and your goal is to exit the dungeon alive and with a lot of loot, includes tons of Dark and Darker Gold and items. The surprise here is that the dungeon will become difficult to survive as time passes. If you want to make it out of a dungeon alive in Dark and Darker, these tips and tricks are for you.

Dark and Darker Tips and Tricks From MMOexp

1.Play Solo

Dark and Darker is designed in such a way to make you play in a time but you can play some levels and dungeons as a solo player. One of the places to play solo is the Goblin Cave. You can find this cave on the northwest of the screen. You can learn all the basics of Dark and Darker at this place without worrying about losing. The best thing about this dungeon is that it’ll provide you with the same loot. But loot shouldn’t be your main focus in this dungeon. Instead, you should learn about how weapons and spells work in Dark and Darker.

2.Aim for the Head

When you attack an enemy, always aim for the head. This will deal double damage to them but the amount of damage a headshot can cause also depends on the weapon. Whether you’re fighting a dungeon monster or another player, this trick will work. You can practice this in the goblin cave.

3.Listen to Sounds

Sounds are also crucial in Dark and Darker; you should listen to them. The game features different sounds for armor, weapons, footsteps, and spells. You need to learn about all these different sounds and use them for your benefit. Sometimes, a big enemy is coming towards you from a corner and you can’t see him but you can listen to his sound and make your strategy. This way, you can avoid unnecessary dungeon fights and focus on your ultimate goal. If you can’t listen to these sounds easily in Dark and Darker, go to settings to toggle the volume. Increasing the volume will give you a better range of listening sounds. You can also use the enhanced hearing perk of a ranger to increase your listening abilities.

4.Choose the Right Map

For now, only a handful of maps are available in Dark and Darker so it is crucial to pick the right map for you. The first map is called the Forgotten Castle. This map is for team players so you need a team of three players to deal with it. You can get normal loot from this map. The second map is the goblin caves. In terms of settings and loot, the goblin caves map is similar to Forgotten Castle and the only difference is that you can deal with this map as a solo player. Also, the goblin cave map can help you a lot in understanding the basics of the game as described in the first tip. The third map is the High roller map. This map is more of a paid version of the Forgotten Castle map but it provides better loot. Both the goblin caves and the forgotten castle maps don’t have any entry fees. According to pro players, you should start your journey from the Forgotten Castle map because it is free and you can also play it solo although it will be quite difficult.

5.Avoid Player-vs-Player Battles

This may come as a surprise because most players want to get a real fight by engaging in a fight with other players. Unless you’re a strong player, you should avoid PVP battles at all in Dark and Darker. Firstly, player-vs-environment encounters are quite easy to deal with as monsters are predictable. You can learn their attacking pattern and their behavior to deal with them accordingly. But when it comes to real players, things can get complicated. As a beginner, your main focus should be to go with PVE so you can get better gear before taking on PVP fights.

6.Holster Weapons

Some fights are unavoidable but if a fight is avoidable and you know you can’t win it, you will surely run for your life in Dark and Darker. This is where the movement speed stat kicks in. It is an important stat in Dark and Darker. To increase your movement speed, one easy trick is to holster your weapon. You also need better movement speed to chase down an easy target and kill it. Some characters are quite heavy in Dark and Darker such as barbarian and their movement speed isn’t much. This tip will also work for them. To holster your weapon in Dark and Darker, press the “X” key.

MMOexp Dark and Darker Team