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Dark and Darker Solo Player Guide

Mar-23-2024 PST Dark And Darker

Dark and Darker can be played as a solo player but this will be a heck of a difficult task as you'll be up against the whole monster world alone. But not everyone wants to join a team and share their loot. This Dark and Darker solo guide is for such players. We’ll share the best strategy that you need to take and all the preparations that you should make before entering a dungeon alone.

Dark and Darker Solo Player Guide

Dark and Darker - Best Class for Solo Players

This decision is very important in Dark and Darker because if you choose the wrong class, monsters can easily crush you. When it comes to the best class for solo players, it has to be the fighter class. You can equip the fighter class with a sword and a shield and watch it do wonders. You can create a slash-slash-block combo using the sword and the shield to avoid damage during solo fights. When it comes to the best skills of this class, it has to be the second wind skill. Thanks to this skill, you can heal fifty percent of your health in case you get attacked in a dungeon by surprise.

If you don’t like this class, some other good options are Rouge, Ranger, and Cleric. Cleric is on this list because of his healing abilities as well as his damage-dealing abilities. For player-vs-player fights, both Ranger and Rogue classes are quite impressive. By becoming a ranger, you can put traps on the game map and watch from a distance as enemies fall into these traps. The biggest selling point of the Rouge class is its skill to become invisible for some time and attack enemies by surprise. The enemies won’t know your location.

Dark and Darker - Best Map for Solo Players

When we talk about the best maps for solo players, the first thing that will come to your mind is the goblin cave map because it is an easy map. But the Forgotten Castle map is also quite good for solo players. The only downside of the Forgotten Castle map is that it features squads of three players. The only downside of going with the goblin cave map as a solo player is that these caves are filled with hundreds of goblins and killing them is very frustrating.

You also have a limited option to escape from the goblin cave. Portals aren’t easy to find and only a handful of portals are available in these caves. If you still choose the goblin cave map, make sure to escape from the map as soon as possible. Sometimes, the game can spawn you at a higher level in the dungeon and the death swarm is also on your head, your escape will be impossible. Getting in the dungeon is one thing but you also have to make it out of there alive to get all the loot.

Dark and Darker - Tips for Solo Players

Solo players need tips to succeed in dungeons because Dark and Darker are designed to benefit squad players mostly. Our tips are tested by pro players and will help you a lot in staying inside the dungeon till the end. Here are the ultimate tips for solo players.

- The first tip is to proceed slowly in a dungeon because enemies can easily kill solo players, especially beginners. When you enter a new area, scan it for enemies and plan to deal with them one by one. If you think that enemies are nearby, use the “SHIFT” key to walk slowly and make less noise.

- PVE enemies are predictable to a great extent and you should use this to your benefit. Learn their attack patterns and launch counterattacks accordingly. Monsters can’t avoid traps but you can so lure them into traps.

- You can also use the death swarm for your benefit. Although, death swarms can deal damage the damage will be gradual and you won’t die immediately.  You can use it to avoid other players who are following you.


Combat Tips for Solo Players

For PVP, use stealth attacks and traps to deal damage to enemies secretly. Use darkness to hide from enemies or use an invisibility skill to retreat from a fight. If you are inside a dungeon and nearby enemies, don’t attack a player first and let nearby monsters hurt him. This way, your work will be reduced to some extent. Wait for enemies by camping in a good area. This way, you can get more kills. Skeletons and zombies can help you a lot by attacking nearby enemies. Bear traps are one of the best options to hurt enemies from a distance. Some dungeons have built-in traps that will help you a lot. If you find such a trap, lore enemies towards it. When you enter a dungeon, create an exit plan first to make it out alive and with all the rewards. Fighting alone is always challenging and exciting, MMOexp.com offers you cheap Dark and Darker Gold to make your fight secure and wish you win.

MMOexp Dark and Darker Team