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Diablo 4 - Good advice for Beards in general

Jul-06-2023 PST Diablo4

Welcome to MMOexp.com! Here are some tips to increase your damage if you get minor legends and more late game.

1, Use slot. It's a short teleport and does good base teleport damage. He then takes 30% x extra damage on healthy enemies. This is a MULTI CLASS damage bonus. It still deals 30% more damage than all damage modifiers. It then deals *66% more base damage as Bleed. Bleeds Stack is a great source of damage to bosses.

2, People often say but yes, play Rend or HotA, even Rend prefers. The reason is that there are 3 types of sharp weapons compared to one blunt weapon. As a result, updates to slash damage happen more often. In addition, Rend is more used due to its ability to increase rage against the attack mechanism.

3, Steel plug. Combined with Rend, get something that initiates Vulnerable, which means getting Kick first, and in 10 levels, replace it with Steel Grasp. Steel Fist for Berserk and Vulnerable. I know it's short but it's perfect for identifying a Corse skill Hit, especially with HotA. Another thing is talent in the same node as Steel Grasp, Expose Vulnerability. This should be used with HotA build, not Rend. It allows you to do HotA double combos with increased damage.

4, Passive Trick Damage. Do you see these passivations in your plants? 9% damage to nearby enemies, 12% more damage when fortified, 15% more vulnerable, 15% more critical damage when hit with two hands. This is NOT an ADDITIONAL to your device. These are multi-layer multipliers that sit on top of all your damage stats. These are very good things. Though you probably shouldn't crit and enhance them as you level up, as they require vehicles or equipment to really work.

5, Rage as soon as possible. 6 Fury every time you switch weapons is great + this is affected by the Fury level you get, so the HotA and Rallying Cry buffs increase this effect.

6, Paragon board. Start arrays are best used with the glyph dex. The second must-have board that you absolutely must use, especially a HotA beard, is Warbringer. This board fixes the 2 uses you have Fortify and Fury Generation. The Warbringer tile spawns Forts simply by using your basic skills. Hungry Fury and the other nodes around it give you Fury per Kill, a total of 4, which is super good, you could spam HotA all day with it. Mount the board from the edge where you can split the path to the Hungering Fury and the Glyph Hold. I also recommend going to Warbringer before your second turn. Another animation trick is that you should avoid the STR tiles in favor of the Dex and Will tiles. These will be needed to trigger the bonus effect on your rare buttons.

7, Glyph. The first 2 glyphs you should get are Expose and Mortal Draw. Expose leaves enemies vulnerable on the first hit, and Mortal Draw gives you massive raw damage and an 18% crit chance on your basic skills. Not sure, but I believe it's a separate chance besides your usual crit chance. This means you have 2 chances to crit.

8, Gears. For weapons, use a balanced combination of: STR, Vulnerability, Core Skill, Damage to Close or Critical Damage. Also, don't discard axes as bad due to their inherent DMG in Healthy. A hatchet that deals critical damage will have a better shot than a sword. While reel swords with Crit, Vuln, Core and STR are better for late game, pants and chest are for defense. Gain armor, DR when Closed, DR when enhanced, DR when injured. Good health but not effective. Never mind the prime resistors, they seem extremely inefficient. Armor is king and damage reduction is best then. Husband as much as possible. The scroll wheel is like a weapon, but with a critical chance. Helmets and boots should be a balance between utility and defense. So armor, movement/attack speed, CD reduction, fury cost reduction. Amulets you should have 2. One for utility and one for defense to push the nightmare level higher. Gadgets should have movement speed, fury cost reduction, CD reduction, and preferably + rating for one of your passives, which gives a multiplier damage boost, like Counterattack, Fighter or Wallop. Remember that these passives are multipliers. They increase your total damage by that exact number.

9, Nightmare Dungeon. DO NOT promote high level ND until you are 100 years old. The mob's damage and defense ratio according to your character's level. If you push a dungeon 20-30 levels higher than you, you'll have a really bad time. Stick to what you can kill easily, and with each level you gain you can easily level up the nightmarish dungeons you do. The time you have until level 100, use it to effectively get equipment worthy to push the nightmare dungeon above level 100. Also use potions and maybe even incense. You can have 2 incense sticks at the same time, but they will dissipate after death.

I think that will give you a good start. And best Diablo 4 Gold, D4 Items, Diablo 4 Boost service on MMOexp.com, Enjoy.