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Diablo IV Season 4 - Diablo 4 Ingolith Material Farming Guide

May-24-2024 PST Diablo4

As you delve deeper into the dark and treacherous world of Diablo 4, reaching the endgame opens up a new dimension of challenges and rewards. One of the critical elements in this stage is farming for rare materials like Ingolith, which becomes a major part of your gameplay loop. To help you optimize your upgrades and master the endgame, this guide will cover everything you need to know about acquiring Diablo 4 Ingolith, a vital resource for enhancing your gear through the Masterworking system introduced in Season 4, "The Season of Loot Reborn."

Diablo IV Season 4 - Diablo 4 Ingolith Material Farming Guide

The Importance of Ingolith

Ingolith, along with Neathiron and Obducite, is one of the three primary materials required for the Masterworking system. This system allows players to further enhance their endgame items, providing substantial boosts to their gear. Unlike Tempering, which is more straightforward, Masterworking involves a more intensive grind, making the acquisition of these materials crucial for players aiming to maximize their gear's potential.

How to Get Ingolith

The Pit of the Artificers

The primary method for obtaining Ingolith is by completing levels between Tier 21 and Tier 40 in The Pit of the Artificers. This dungeon, introduced in Season 4, is a focal point for endgame players due to its challenging nature and valuable rewards.

1. Accessing The Pit: The portal to The Pit of the Artificers can be found in the center of Cerrigar. Ensure you have three Runeshards, which are required to enter.

2. Completing Tiers: As you progress through the tiers, each completion culminates in a boss battle. Defeating the boss grants a chance for Ingolith to drop. The drop rate is not guaranteed, so repeated runs are necessary.

3. Rewards Beyond Materials: Even if you don't get Ingolith on every run, The Pit of the Artificers offers other valuable rewards, making it worth your while. This includes high-level gear, crafting d4 materials, and other endgame resources.

Transmuting Neathiron

If you're struggling to gather enough Ingolith through dungeon runs, another method is to transmute Neathiron at any alchemist vendor in Diablo 4.

1. Finding Neathiron: Neathiron is also a rare material but considered the toughest to obtain among the three Pit materials.

2. Transmutation Process: Visit an alchemist and select the transmutation option. For every piece of Neathiron, you can get three pieces of Ingolith. This method should be a last resort due to the rarity of Neathiron.

Tips for Efficient Farming

1. Party Up: Farming in The Pit of the Artificers can be more efficient and enjoyable with a group. Teaming up with other players can increase your chances of survival and speed up the process of clearing tiers.

2. Optimize Your Build: Ensure your character build is optimized for both damage output and survivability. The higher tiers can be particularly punishing, so having a well-rounded build is crucial.

3. Resource Management: Keep track of your Runeshards. Since each run requires three Runeshards, plan your farming sessions accordingly to avoid running out mid-session.

4. Daily and Weekly Quests: Participate in daily and weekly quests that offer additional Runeshards or other rewards that can aid in your farming efforts.

The Masterworking System

Once you've collected enough Ingolith, Neathiron, and Obducite, you can start using the Masterworking system to enhance your gear.

1. Choosing the Right Gear: Focus on upgrading your best pieces of gear. Given the resource-intensive nature of Masterworking, you'll want to ensure you're investing in items that will significantly impact your performance.

2. Steps to Masterwork:

- Gather Materials: Ensure you have the required amounts of Ingolith, Neathiron, and Obducite.

Visit the Artificer: The Masterworking process is carried out by visiting the Artificer NPC, who can be found in major hubs.

Upgrade: Select the gear you wish to upgrade and confirm the use of materials. The process will apply random but powerful enhancements to your item.

3. Benefits of Masterworking: The enhancements provided by Masterworking can range from increased damage and defense stats to unique buffs that can turn the tide of battle. These upgrades are particularly useful in the most challenging endgame content, including high-tier dungeons and world bosses.

Farming for Ingolith and other materials in Diablo 4's Season 4 endgame can be a time-consuming but rewarding endeavor. By focusing your efforts on The Pit of the Artificers and efficiently managing your resources, you can amass the necessary materials to take full advantage of the Masterworking system. This will not only improve your gear but also enhance your overall gameplay experience, allowing you to tackle the toughest challenges Sanctuary has to offer.

Remember, the grind is part of the journey in Diablo 4. Embrace it, optimize your strategies, and reap the rewards of your hard work. Whether you're soloing the dark corridors of The Pit or teaming up with friends, the path to mastering Diablo 4's endgame is paved with perseverance and strategic play. Enjoy your hunt and harvest more Diablo 4 gold and rich items.

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