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Elden Ring: Action to Defeat the Jagged Peak Dragon

Jul-01-2024 PST Elden Ring

The vast and dangerous open world of Elden Ring is filled with fearsome enemies, from the giant trolls of Limgrave to the horrors lurking in the depths of Nokron. But for many players, one of the toughest challenges comes from the Jagged Peak Dragon - a winged behemoth that guards a critical pass atop the Giant Mountain.

Elden Ring: Action to Defeat the Jagged Peak Dragon

While veteran Souls players may have defeated their fair share of powerful dragons, the Jagged Peak Dragon presents a unique set of obstacles that require careful preparation and execution to overcome. But fear not, Tarnished - with the right strategy and a little determination, this aerial behemoth can be taken down.

The first key to fighting the Jagged Peak Dragon is mobility. Unlike the lumbering ground-based dragons of previous Souls games, this adversary is a master of the skies, capable of using a variety of aerial attacks that can quickly overwhelm unwary foes. Your trusty mount, Torrent, will be an invaluable asset in this battle, allowing you to nimbly dodge the dragon's devastating wing swipes and tail sweeps.

When a dragon takes to the skies, your main goal should be to keep your distance and bide your time. Its ranged fire breath and lightning can punish reckless approaches, so it's vital to keep a safe distance and wait for your chance. Keep an eye out for signs of a dragon - a coil of fire around its neck before a fire attack, or a charged current flowing through its body before a lightning strike. React accordingly, either rolling out of the way or, if you're feeling daring, rushing in for a few well-timed blows.

Speaking of blows, knowing where to direct your attacks is crucial. While a dragon's legs might seem like the easiest target, they're constantly moving and need to be avoided, making them difficult to hit consistently. Instead, focus on the head - a well-placed War Ash or a series of leaping attacks can stagger this beast, leaving it vulnerable for a few precious minutes.

But the threat of a Jagged Peak Dragon doesn't end there. If its powerful basic moves aren't enough, this foe has a trump card: a second phase where it's enveloped in crackling lightning. This shocking transformation not only amplifies the dragon's attacks, but also fills the surrounding area with dangerous electrical fields that must be carefully avoided.

To survive this stage, a change of strategy is required. Instead of relying on raw attacks, players must take a more measured and defensive approach, using their mobility to dodge the dragon's enhanced attacks and find safe opportunities to attack. Support tools such as the Thunder Protection Amulet or the Dragon's Crest Great Shield Amulet also play an important role in mitigating the additional electrical hazards.

Ultimately, defeating a Jagged Peak Drake requires a delicate dance of patience, precision, and adaptability. Players must be willing to play the long game, minimizing damage while chipping away at the beast's health. When the drake's defenses finally collapse, the feeling of triumph from a hard-earned victory is all the sweeter.

Of course, defeating a Jagged Peak Drake is only one step in the arduous journey through the Giant's Peak. The road ahead is filled with dangers, from towering stone statues to the elusive and cunning Misbegotten Warriors. However, by learning from this horrific encounter, MMOEXP will prepare the best Elden Ring items and Elden Ring runes available, and together with players, better prepare to face the challenges that await them, steadily forging a path towards Elden Ring and the fate that awaits them.

MMOexp Elden Ring Team