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Elden Ring: Sawtooth Dragon Strengths and Weaknesses

Jul-06-2024 PST Elden Ring
As players charge toward the towering Sawtooth Dragon on horseback, the massive creature comes to life, its scaly hide gleaming in the dim light of the Betweenworld. These fearsome beasts present a formidable challenge to even the most experienced Elden Ring adventurers, but a keen understanding of their strengths and weaknesses can turn the tide of battle.

Elden Ring: Sawtooth Dragon Strengths and Weaknesses

Sawtooth Dragon Strengths

Like most dragons in Elden Ring, the Sawtooth Dragon is a force to be reckoned with. Its sheer size and strength make it a formidable foe, capable of delivering devastating blows with its massive claws and teeth. Additionally, the Sawtooth Dragon is naturally resistant to both fire and lightning, the two most common elemental damage types in the game.

This resistance makes it difficult for players to effectively damage the creature with fire- or lightning-based weapons. The Sawtooth Drake's tough scales and thick hide also provide it with a fairly good overall durability, allowing it to withstand a good amount of punishment before succumbing.

Sawtooth Drake Weaknesses

Despite its immense power, the Sawtooth Drake has a few weaknesses that can be exploited by savvy players. First, the creature's large size and unwieldy build make it a relatively slow opponent. This sluggishness can work to the player's advantage, as it makes it easier for them to dodge the Sawtooth Drake's attacks and prepare to counterattack.

Additionally, the Sawtooth Drake's resistance to fire and lightning does not extend to other damage types, such as physical, bleed, or frost. This means that players with heavy, slow weapons like greatswords or hammers can be very effective against the creature, as they can knock it back and deal significant damage before it has a chance to strike back.

Perhaps the Sawtooth Drake's most notable weakness, however, is its susceptibility to status effects. Both blood loss and frostbite can be devastating to this creature, as players have plenty of time to accumulate these effects between the beast's attacks. Blood loss, in particular, can quickly deplete a large portion of the Sawtooth Drake's health, making it a prime target for players with the right size and gear.

Strategies for defeating a Sawtooth Dragon

When facing a Sawtooth Dragon, players would be wise to prioritize mobility and heavy hitting. Agile melee fighters can effectively dodge this creature's attacks and position themselves between its legs to deliver powerful blows with a greatsword or hammer. Ranged combatants, on the other hand, can focus on accumulating Bleeding or Frozen status effects from a safe distance, gradually chipping away at the Sawtooth Dragon's health over time.

Regardless of which playstyle a player chooses, it's vital to stay alert and exploit the Sawtooth Dragon's slower movement speed and lack of resistance to non-elemental damage types. With careful positioning, well-timed attacks, and strategically applied status effects, even the strongest Sawtooth Dragon can be brought down in the Lands Between.

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