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​FIFA 23: Best formations, Tactics and Gameplans

Dec-16-2022 PST FIFA 23

In FIFA 23, you can ensure your win by choosing the perfect game tactics and planning along with options to change these tactics according to the situation. Searching for the best tactics and formations for your team in FIFA 23? We have got your back with details about attacking and defensive formations.

Best Formations

Formations are very important in FIFA 23 because you have to place your best players in the right spots. Below are some of the best formations that are used by pro players.

1. 4-2-3-1

The 4-2-3-1 is a popular formation that has become a go-to choice for pro players as it comes packed with both defensive and attacking benefits. In this formation, there are three attacking midfielders, while left and right attacking midfielders are used as left and right midfielders only. This formation is similar to 4-4-1-1 as you can choose between narrow and wide options. You can also add two defensive midfielders to make a stable team with good defense.

2. 4-4-2 flat

The 4-4-2 is a balanced formation as it uses two strikers, which gives it better attacking options compared to the 4-2-3-1 formation, but this formation lack attacking midfielders. This formation isn’t suitable for beginners, but players with mid-level experience can use it in some cases. There are only two strikers in the entire formation, and they try to attack instead of defense, so you have to use midfielders for defense which doesn’t work well in some cases.

3. 4-1-2-1-2 (2) (second variation)

The 4-1-2-1-2 (second variation) is the best formation for lovers of fast football who want to keep the football in a narrow space. It is more of an attacking formation as it features two strikers in a triangle along with an attacking midfielder. For width, right-back and left-back footballers are used for attacking.

Best Game Plans

You have the option to change the game plan before the game starts as well as during the game. There are 5 different game plans available in FIFA 23. To edit a game plan, you can select the custom tactics menu to access the edit game plan section. With a new game plan, you can also change the formation and the tactic of the game. After you create these five game plans, you can simply switch between them with just one touch. Below are all the game plans for FIFA 23.

· Ultra Defensive – With this game plan, you can go with a tight defensive strategy.

· Defensive – With this game plan, you need to take the defensive approach.

· Attacking – With this game plan, you need to focus on attacking the enemy goalpost to score more goals.

· Ultra Attacking – With this game plan, the main focus will be attacking and scoring more goals.

Best Defensive Tactics

To set the defensive style, here are all the settings that you need to focus on.

Defensive Style

· Balanced – The shape of the team is neutral, and the ball is pressed in the center of the pitch.

· Pressure on Heavy Touch – For better pressure, the shape of the squad will remain the same till the end.


To shift the ball to the side of the formation, you need to focus on the width.

· 1 to 35 [Narrow] – In this position, your team will be narrow and cover all the central positions.

· 36 to 69 [Balanced] – This is perfect for a balanced shape of the team.

· 70 to 100 [Wide] – In this shape, the width of the team will be increased, so they also cover the wings of the formation as well.


Depending on the depth, the pressure on the other team is measured.

· 1 to 35 [Deep] – This keeps the shape of the team deep, where strikers cover the back line.

· 36 to 69 [Balanced] – This is for the balanced depth of the team and to keep the team in the middle of the football field.

Best Offensive Tactics

You can use these options to change the attacking style of your team.

Build Up Play

· Balanced – With this tactic, you can keep the team in shape, and players will assist everyone according to their needs.

· Slow Build-Up – Players will support teammates, but this tactic will take some time to develop.

· Fast Build-Up – With this method, players can quickly build up for as long as they have the ball in their possession. The chances of a counter-attack increase when your team losses the ball.

· Long Ball – For this tactic, you need strikers in your team who are pretty fast and can attack the other team.

Chance Creation

· Balanced – With this tactic, your team will maintain the formation and make runs.

· Forward Runs – Push your players into attacking areas with this tactic.