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​FIFA 23 Ultimate Team Starting Guide

Nov-24-2022 PST FIFA 23

The FIFA Ultimate Team, a.k.a. FUT, is a FIFA game mode in which you may build and run your own club to play offline and online games and win rewards. You can use any manager and player, as well as a collection of cards such as staff, consumables, and club objects, in FIFA 23 to create your football club. Playing matches and games in the Ultimate Team mode will allow you to obtain better players and stuff, allowing you to boost the strength and budget of your club. To play FUT, you must first understand how to start and run your FIFA 23. Use this FIFA 23 team starting guide to discover how to get started.

What is Chemistry?

In FUT, chemistry is a term that describes the compatibility of a player with the formation of his squad, the relationship with the management of the team, and the relationship with other positions in his team. You need to aim for a high player and team chemistry rating to enjoy a good relationship between your manager and players. You can view the chemistry rating of the desired player from the diamond-shaped icon below their cards. The number of items depends on their chemistry, and a high number of diamonds indicate that they have a strong chemistry.

How to Get players and items in FUT?

Everything from the staff to club items, managers, consumables, and players are all card items in FUT. These card items are available as rewards for playing FUT games as well as you can open FUT packs to get them. There is an online market in FIFA 23 that is known as the transfer market. You can purchase card items or trade them for other items on the market. For purchasing new items, FIFA points of coins are required in the transfer market. When it comes to purchasing players, spending coins is your only option left. Play FUT challenges and matches to get coins as rewards. Sell any free cards from the inventory on the market for fut 23 coins as well. For FIFA points, there is no need to grind as you can buy them from the FUT store.

Team Starting Guide

There are steps at the start of the game that you can follow to create your first team. This guide features all those steps elaborately.

1. Select a Country

In FUT, you need to choose a country from a list. Choose it wisely, as you will receive more players from that country, and it also impacts the league preferences of those players.

2. The first squad

After you choose a country, the next step is to create your squad. You will receive twenty-two players at the start, along with one loan player from the same country. The loan player is bounded by a contract, and he will play a certain number of matches only, which in most cases is five. After the contract ends, he won’t be available for your team anymore.

3. The club Identity

It is time to select the kit and home of your new football club. After the kit, the crest of the club comes next; a large number of options are available in this regard. You can change the crest and kit whenever you want.

4. Select to Play Now or to Learn and Upgrade

After the club identity is selected, you can start taking on other teams in football or wait for some time to learn new skills and upgrade your team. Both options are available from this point onwards. The best option for beginners to learn and upgrade to make your club and team strength.

5. Complete the Objectives

Basic and advanced-level objectives are available here that you can complete right from the start. You have the option to choose between available objectives according to your needs. You receive rewards for completing objectives according to their level and difficulty.

6. Claim rewards and open packs

When your complete objectives, you get rewards for your club, and these include pack rewards. You can go to the built-in store to check for any unclaimed packs and claim them. To claim items from packs, you need to open them manually. With these items, upgrade your team to take on any challenge.

7. Play a Match

This is the final step, as you have gone through most of the basic stuff at this point. It is time to play a football match. To complete objectives, you have to play matches for the most part. If you are a new player, go to squad battles and select a single-player match, as they are pretty easy. These are offline matches, so you don’t need internet, and they feature weekly rewards. Rewards for squad battles include fifa 23 coins rewards which allow you to purchase items from the transfer market.