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​First involvement in new Madden Draft rationale

Feb-08-2021 PST Madden 21

So I wound up collapsing and purchasing Madden 21 when I saw it marked down and was fascinated when I read about the new draft rationale.

I began the slow time of year and the NFL Draft, I observed each pick to perceive what changed. Dolphins went with a LT for Tua rather than Fields with the third pick.

Different groups drafted trades for QBs that resigned or who were preparing to resign. Groups with existing QBs drafted players to help them like Lineman and WRs.

Just flawed pick almost immediately was Jaylen Waddle to the Cowboys, despite the fact that its cool to perceive how stacked they are at the WR position.

Unexpectedly playing Madden, the draft was energizing and exact.

I see other ppl griping about it and demonstrating the Bengals drafting Fields/TLaw, it is in all probability since you are playing with the pre-exisiting injury setting on and the game likely doesnt remember him being on IR.

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