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​First Madden 22 in a While

Dec-04-2021 PST Madden 22

I used to play Madden yearly when I was in center and secondary school. I figured I'd purchase the EA pass since my companions and I were anticipating playing war zone.

Allow me to introduce this by saying that I'm really horrendous at this Madden. What's more, not normal for different years where I wanted to improve, I'm truly just playing this until front line comes out.

However, I was in every case great once upon a time and adequate to where I ought to be fair at this Madden as well.

So my general assessment of this game is that it is totally trash. It feels cumbersome and there are an excessive number of movements.

Halting the run is quite troublesome except if you intentionally surge yourself and advancement an opening. Also, regardless of whether you, odds are good that the RB will break into a movement and convey the ball for 3-4 yards all the more in any case.

The most exceedingly terrible part is the zone safeguard. Crosses are about the main thing I've played against and my players won't monitor them themselves.

So I'm passed on to monitor one and leave the other open without fail. Profound crosses are senseless when my blue zones will not monitor anybody.

In any case, that is my tirade. This game is trash. I'm likewise trash, yet the game appears to have deteriorated throughout the long term.

Trust it improves and better. Much thanks to you.

PS - how is my QB tired in MUT after halftime?

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