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​First season of Franchise completed and sharing my views

Aug-30-2021 PST Madden 22

I'm not a decent Madden player, I'm utilized to the Bills being waste of course and transforming Aaron Maybin into a Hall of Famer. I haven't played establishment since back when the Xbox 360 was out so I was semi-eager to give establishment a twist fromt he talk about the 21 and 22 enhancements over earlier years. What.a.letdown.

tl;dr. I went 15-1 and won the Super Bowl year one by utilizing essentially no cheddar besides on safeguard where I utilized cover 2/cover 3/cover 2 man/with press and shade under on close to 100% of my plays. I played protective line the greater part of the period.

In the event that I didn't press and shade under the contradicting QB was relentless. Concealing down transformed my group into pass surge beasts and ballhawks (Hyde 13 picks, White 9, Edmunds 5).

On offense, after week 5 or somewhere in the vicinity, I quite often picked a semi-irregular play from the mentor's idea list with the exception of critical plays. I utilized zero hot courses or manual movements the whole season. I was not embarking to break the AI by any stretch of the imagination, yet they were glad to do it to themselves. Diggs is consistently open and gets almost everything. I quit utilizing incline courses more often than not after week 5 when I understood it's an ensured 10-15 yards each play. Any TE you use with sensible speed is essentially a cheat code for any crease, corner, or intersection course. Dawson Knox got done with 20 TDs. Due to the manner in which running livelinesss work (fall forward) it's amazingly troublesome not to get a middle of 3-4 yards each play even with an awful o-line and average backs.

What else turned out badly?

- The CPU basically yields even in the end of the season games Super Bowl if behind enough. They'll quit making it work on fourth down, will not call breaks and so on.

- There's an error where the CPU will seat their HB. McCaffery saw 0 snaps against the Panthers, Chubb/Hunt got 0 snaps in the end of the season games, Henry got 0 snaps in the AFC title game, both were sound. The FB took every one of the snaps.

- The Super Bowl and leadup felt totally dull. There was no gravity to the circumstance by any means. NHL 08's stanley cup win felt undeniably more significant.

- Players progress dependent on execution as opposed to dependent on preparing.

- The instructing trees and OC/DC are essentially futile and compatible.

- Scouting feels exceptionally shallow.

- The absence of mass subs made genuine wounds starters during victories.

- The entire exchange/contracts framework is horrible.

1,Every player requests essentially $2M every year.

2,Age/Performance is superfluous.

3,Intangibles (mentor/city/group) don't appear to issue.

4,No genuine world organizing

- Player Goals (Weekly/Season) has all the earmarks of being a missing element - consistently vacant

- No genuine help for Running back by board of trustees/hot hand strategies

- Training/ability movement actually feels exceptionally arbitrary. Furthermore, the originals don't appear to feel changed or matter a lot.

This is to avoid mentioning the plenty of ongoing interaction related issues and absence of components. I'm playing this game on my EA Play pass that lapses tomorrow, and I believe I will allow it to terminate interestingly since Madden returned to PC.

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