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Frost Wyvern Boss Guide for Dark and Darker

Jul-01-2024 PST Dark And Darker

Welcome to our Frost Wyvern boss guide for Dark and Darker. In this guide, we provide comprehensive information and Dark and Darker Gold to help you tackle the Frost Wyvern, one of the most formidable bosses in the game. This includes details on mechanics, attacks, location, requirements, and strategies.

Frost Wyvern Boss Guide for Dark and Darker

Frost Wyvern Boss Location

The Frost Wyvern is located in the depths of the Ice Cave, specifically on the second layer known as the "Ice Abyss." To reach the Wyvern, you need to dive into the Abyss Gateway in the Ice Cave. These gateways become available within the last 2:30 of each dungeon match in the Ice Cave. They are identifiable by a red outline; if the outline is not red, you will fall to your death.

Once through the portal, you enter a waiting room similar to the Inferno map waiting room. The Ice Abyss begins when the timer hits zero or everyone on the first floor has escaped or died. The Wyvern boss arena is located at the center of the map. However, you must jump up ice pillars on a thin bridge area to reach the arena's height, where harpies may kick you off the map.

Frost Wyvern Attacks, Information & Mechanics


The Frost Wyvern fight requires a minimum of four players to start, making it impossible to initiate the battle in a solo, duo, or trio setting without additional help. This requirement makes the fight risky and rare, adding to the excitement.

Starting the Fight

To begin the encounter, four players must stand and block beams channeling a blood barrier from statues surrounding the Wyvern. The barrier drops when all four beams are blocked simultaneously, initiating the fight. Note that you cannot use summons such as a Hydra or a Treant to block a beam.


Flight: The Wyvern takes to the air.

Ice Shot: While airborne, the Wyvern shoots 2-3 blasts of ice towards players, creating ice pillars on impact and dealing damage while slowing players.

Hop: A quick jump followed by a landing that knocks back melee-ranged players and deals damage.

Ice Ground Slam: A frontal slam that spreads an ice AoE, dealing damage and slowing players.

Sky Dive: Follows an Ice Shot with a diagonal dive attack.

Tail Whip: A 360-degree tail whip that deals damage, knocks back players, and breaks ice pillars.

Ground Lunge: A rapid forward lunge that deals damage and knocks back players.

Phase Ice Breath: A phase-shifting attack where the Wyvern breathes ice over the arena, dealing fatal damage. Hide behind ice pillars to avoid it.

Standard Ice Breath: A shorter version of the Phase Ice Breath.

Standard Claw Sweeps: Normal claw attacks with the left and right claws.


HP: 3615 (7115 HR)

Movement Speed: 500

Experience on Kill: 20 (25 HR)

Adventurer Points on Kill: 150 (250 HR)



Before starting the fight, ensure:

All players have health potions and bandages.

Players' spells are charged.

Everyone is ready and coordinated.

You have a fourth player to assist with starting the fight.

Team Composition

Bard: Provides buffs, mobility, and damage.

Cleric: Offers buffs and healing paired with monster clear.

Fighter: Serves as a frontline tank with a shield. This spot can be filled by any damage dealer, but a Fighter is recommended.

Additional Support or Damage Dealers: Another healer or ranged damage dealer, such as a Druid, is beneficial.

Phase 1

The Wyvern starts the fight with Ice Shots, creating ice pillars around the arena. Position these pillars on the outer edges of the arena by baiting the attacks. The Wyvern uses a variety of attacks randomly, with no specific pattern. Melee players should be cautious of knockbacks from dive and slam attacks. A shield is recommended for Fighters.

Phase-shift Ice Breath (Wipe)

When the Wyvern lets out a howl and takes to the air, prepare for the Phase-shift Ice Breath. Hide behind the ice pillars placed on the edges of the arena to survive this attack. The Wyvern can break pillars in the center, so avoid placing them there.

Ongoing Battle

After the Phase-shift Ice Breath, the Wyvern continues using its various attacks. Maintain the strategy of baiting Ice Shots to the arena's edges and avoiding knockbacks. Repeat this process until the Wyvern is defeated.

High Roller Mode

Check back for more information on the High Roller mode and updates.


Defeating the Frost Wyvern yields fantastic loot drops from its corpse. Additionally, there is a spoils room directly below the arena, accessible through an icicle door. This Cursed Stone Door Room is full of treasures and riches for those who conquer the boss.

Unique Extraction

After defeating the Frost Wyvern, a unique extraction point becomes available. The frosted veil above the arena pulls players into a hole, serving as an unlocked extraction point.


The Frost Wyvern is the pinnacle dungeon boss in Dark and Darker, offering a challenging and rewarding experience. Proper preparation of DND Gold and utilizing the strategies outlined in this guide will significantly increase your chances of victory. For more information, explore MMOexp’s other guides and content on Dark and Darker. Happy adventuring!

MMOexp Dark and Darker Team