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    ​FUT Birthday News: All FUT 23 Birthday Swaps Token Rewards

    Follow the FIFA twitter and Offical news, we know that The FUT Birthday promotion has began, here will share the FUT Birthday Swaps rewards! Throughout this promotion, players will have the opportunity to earn tokens that can be redeemed for rewards. In total, there will be 30 FUT Birthday Swaps Tokens available to earn through in-game activities, but players can also purchase additional tokens from the FUT Store.

    1. All FUT 23 Birthday Swaps Token Rewards

    - 90+ Prime Icon Player Pick (27 Tokens)

    - Two 84+ x20 Rare Players Pack (20 Tokens)

    - FUT Birthday Icon Alan Shearer (20 Tokens)

    - Prime Icon Rio Ferdinand (17 Tokens)

    - 87+ RTTF, FF Hero, FF, Fut Birthday Team 1 PP (15 Tokens)

    - 85+ x10 Rare Players Pack (10 Tokens)

    - 82+ x20 Rare Players Pack (5 Tokens)

    - FUT Birthday Team 1 Player Pack (3 Tokens)

    - FIFA World Cup Icon Hernan Crespo (2 Tokens)

    - 81+ x11 Rare Players Pack (1 Token)

    2. How To Spend Your Tokens?

    When it comes to spending your FIFA 23 tokens, there are a few different options to consider. Of course, the best way to spend your tokens will ultimately come down to your own preferences and goals for your team.

    For those of you who are completing SBCs frequently, it may be a wise choice to invest in fodder packs. These packs can provide a nice boost to your club and help you complete more SBCs in the future. However, there are also other tempting options available.

    For example, if you're a Newcastle fan, you may want to consider using your tokens to get your hands on a 5-star skiller version of Shearer. This can be a great way to add some extra firepower to your team and show off your support for your favorite club.

    Another tempting option is the 90+ Prime Icon layer Pick. However, this pack may not be available until the end of the promo, and you may need to save up more tokens to be able to afford it.

    Personally, I recommend going for the Two 84+ x20 Rare Players Pack for 20 Tokens. This pack can be a great way to get some high-quality players for your team, and it's a relatively affordable option. After that, you can consider spending the remaining tokens on the 85+ x10 Rare Players Pack to further boost your squad.

    Ultimately, the best way to spend your FIFA 23 tokens will depend on your individual goals and preferences. Whether you're looking to complete more SBCs, add some star players to your team, or simply show off your support for your favorite club, there are plenty of options available. So take some time to consider your options and make a choice that will help you achieve your goals and have the most fun playing FIFA 23.

    Thank you for reading and let us know your thinking here. MMOexp update FUT Birthday News and provide the best FIFA 23 FUT Coins for you.