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​How NBA 2K can buff defense

Dec-04-2021 PST nba 2k22

2K can fix/buff defense with two simple changes that are now in the game. The issue is just the computer chip will utilize the mechanics essential for extraordinary defense. Here's the means by which the players can access those instruments.

1. Add a Stop and Go identification for defense.

This moment safeguards are in a difficult spot since you slide each time you shift bearing while at the same time playing extreme D. This makes it difficult to stay aware of hostile players who get smooth speedy shift in course with no sliding. A protector will lose 9/10 times regardless of whether they match the hostile players moves while utilizing extreme D on the grounds that the sliding while at the same time altering course will dial them back.

Anyway on the off chance that you play against central processor defense you will see they are difficult to get by in light of the fact that they never slide while altering course except if you brake their lower legs. Give this equivalent capacity to us so the protector can be on an all the more in any event, battleground. Dispose of the sliding influence that handicaps safeguards versatility. Clips just assists you with shorts activitys and doesn't influence the sliding that happens while altering bearing on defense.

2. Permit protectors to cause a free ball without coming to.

At the present time cutting a player off on defense completely just rewards you with an opportunity for a constrained ball pickup. Now and again you can cut a player off multiple times straight without causing a pickup and get scored on subsequent to investing all that energy.

This is out of line to the safeguard since you should basically beat the hostile player multiple times or more in one belonging they actually get an opportunity to score and keep up with ownership.

Add the opportunity for a cutoff to bring about a free ball or a constrained ball pickup. This prizes players that don't spam take and spotlight on remaining before their man. I've lost the ball when running into computer chip protectors a lot of times.

Add this activity for human players.

I figure these two straightforward changes can allow safeguards an all the more reasonable opportunity. Like any remarks on my ideas.

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