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​My Solution to Play Shots Hitting everything

Nov-16-2021 PST nba 2k22

Challenges on guard change your delivery timing by the challenge rate. For instance in the event that I close out on somebody and get a 20% challenge their delivery timing could either be 20% prior/later changing their green window and making it harder to hit the shot as it ought to be. The circumstance is arbitrary so it very well may be prior or later.

So a lower the challenge rate implies you're shot will not be influenced that much. This I believe is reasonable for the two sides since it remunerates the offense for making great efforts and timing it accurately and rewards the safeguard for remaining in front.

I realize you're saying however shouldn't something be said about Sniper? Well Sniper since everybody runs it will have a gigantic effect. Since the circumstance will change those play shots who take challenged 3s will discover themselves bricking significantly more on the grounds that Sniper AMPLIFIES RELEASE TIMING.

That is the way in to this change. The more challenged you are the more on point you must be to make a shot. Will they green some challenged shots? Obviously however that is the means by which it is, in actuality. Anyway they'll miss undeniably more than they make.

This is all notwithstanding the shot challenges framework being improved so challenges are appropriately shown.

This is only my opinion and I might want to hear what you think.

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