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How to Score Direct from Corners in FIFA 23

Apr-10-2023 PST FIFA 23

In FIFA 23, when the level of competition increases, the Direct Corner Goal Trick can beat the opponent. Let's dive into the details of Scoring Directly from Corners.

In FIFA 23, scoring goals via set pieces, such as corners, free kicks, or even throw-ins, is an effective technique to do so. Once you get the hang of it, set-piece chances may be almost as beneficial as receiving a penalty. However, you will need some experience in order to figure out the best methods of FIFA 23 to score from a variety of locations and with a variety of players.

You have a good chance of scoring a goal on corner kicks if you have a few players who are tall and powerful attacking the ball when it is in the box of your opponent, provided that you target the ball accurately. On the other hand, if you have a daring spirit, you might attempt to score directly off a corner kick if you want to. Even though it is considerably more difficult to score with this method, and you will need a little luck to pull it off, it is not impossible.If you're interested in learning the techniques to immediately scoring from corners in FIFA 23, read on!

FIFA 23: Choose Right Player to Take the Corner Kicks

There are three aspects of FIFA 23's corner kick system that need your undivided attention if you want to maximize your chances of scoring directly from a corner kick. These factors are position, positioning, and positioning.

· The athlete usually plays with their favorite foot, which is number one. Whether you're trying an inswinging or outswinging corner kick, it's important to have the player's preferred foot lined up with the inswinging or outswinging side of the goal post. This is due to the fact that you will be attempting to take the corner after someone else has already done so. When the ball curves toward the goal rather than away from it, this kind of corner is known as an "inswinging corner." Before you play the corner, the set-piece system in FIFA 23 will show you a line depicting the ball's trajectory, which will make it simple for you to determine whether or not the ball will go in the desired direction.

· The second thing you need to do is choose a player with just the correct amount of power in their kicks. Attempting a direct goal with a player of excessive strength (90 or more) almost guarantees that your corner will be overpowered and fly out of play. If you do choose a player with enough power, however, there is a potential that you will score directly.

· It is recommended that you use a player with a power rating of at least 85, give or take a few points. The player's kicks should also have just the appropriate curve, which brings us to our third point. Again, it would be best to look for a player whose rating in this area is neither too high nor too low; 85 is a good middle ground in this particular scenario.

It would be best if you had the ball to the curve at precisely the right moment inside the net, and the kicker's curve stat plays a significant role in determining the timing and direction of the ball's movement.

FIFA 23: Keep Your Eye on The Other Team's Goalie

Players of FIFA 23 are constantly probing the game's code for exploits in an effort to unlock powerful new defensive and offensive options. To defend a corner, for example, you might try to draw the other team's goalie out of his area. This is because the goalkeeper will be in a solid position to quickly claim the cross, reducing the possibility that the other team would get a player on the end of the cross to score.

If you are the one taking the corner and you see that your opponent is using this strategy to defend, you have an excellent chance to attempt a straight corner goal. When the goalkeeper is in position, it is far more difficult to score from a straight corner in FIFA 23.

FIFA 23: Ball Trajectory Adjustment

This next step is crucial to the whole operation. The new FIFA 23 system allows you to curve the ball toward the goal before taking a corner kick. A "Direct Power Corner" is what you need at the corner in this situation. Aim the kick by moving the right stick to the outside edge of the circle, as seen in the figure below. Carefully lower the aim by one single step until the text reads "inside foot low," then push it higher until the lettering reads "inside foot curled." This will help you get the kick to the ideal height, high enough to dodge players but low enough to stay under the crossbar.

Then, you may tweak the kick's trajectory using the left stick or the arrow keys. My suggestion is to turn it so that it faces the center of the 6-yard box. Once you're done, keep your finger on the cross button for a while. Make careful to completely load all three bars for maximum strength and to lessen the possibility of your opponent blocking or clearing the kick.

If the player's power score is exceptionally high (say, 90 or above), they may want to attempt taking the corner at close to maximum power rather than full power. Keep your fingers crossed and watch as the ball goes toward the goal!

Final Thoughts

Keep in mind that you won't have 100% success with this technique. Even though EA has partially nerfed the direct power corner since the game's first release, you'll still require a lot of luck to get the ball in the net, as I said previously. There are other ways to attempt a straight corner kick in FIFA 23, but these will offer you the highest chance of success. Adding free-kick goals to your repertoire is a great way to round up your soccer skillset, and I suggest MMOexp fifa 23 coins for you here, our best is the best all the time, welcome.