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I am one of the rare breeds who plays Madden 20 coins

Sep-09-2019 PST Madden 20

I've always said it's not really the commentary, but how the developers construct the audio calls. It's so robotic with Gus Johnson, Collins worth, Sims & Natz, as well as the current crew.

Yeah I agree. They can get Morgan Freeman & Sir David Attenborough to do the commentary but if the dev team just pieces together their lines without making it sound organic it’ll just sound like a piece.

2ks is sooooo much more fluid. The announcers cimentate on the current game, discuss a player or something random, then if you get a great dunk or play they will call it out with enthusiasm, and go back to commentating the game without any robotic change in tone.

I am one of the rare breeds who plays Madden 20 coins strictly for Franchise mode and the Fantasy Draft. Been doing it for 20 years. After drafting a team and playing 5 games last night, I noticed the following:- Franchise mode is very similar except that managers are now alerted before games on how confident they feel against the upcoming team and it's superstars. Very cool how you can now choose between a conservative, neutral, and aggressive performance. The more aggressive you pick, the more XP you earn but the harder the game play goals.

Love that the good rookies do not have a development trait yet visible until they play 500 snaps. Very cool feature! I also had a rookie message me saying that he wants to be great, and asked if I could involve him in the offense more.

I agreed, and got him the ball early and often. He balled out and earned 10,000xp and hid development went from a normal to a star! Absolutely loved this feature.

Having Vets on your team help tremendously. They now offer coaching to the buy Mut 20 coins young players and boost their rating because of it. What a realistic and great feature.