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Now the point of the is to Mut 20 coins

Nov-20-2019 PST Madden 20

For example, if I am looking to draft a QB in Round 1. The table says there are 4 in Round 1. Do I use this information to tell me that just because 1 QB may have been taken from another team in Round 1, 3 of the other QBs that are "Projected in the 1st Round" are actually very good ones? Or is it just merely telling me the other teams picked 4 QBs in Round 1?

And for the 'Key', why is more picks better (i.e. you have 8+ picks as the color green).

Exactly, so it’ll tell you that 4 QB’s go. Now the point of the table is to Mut 20 coins show you which position would be best to pick at that moment, asin how you would get the best value out of a pick. That being said a lot of the draft comes down to player preference and who you want to play with, this is just a rough guide to help people choose!

Great job putting this together. I have a different type of question I'd like your feedback on. I'm in a 32 man league n we got a draft coming up in a week for m20. What do you consider would be the top 5 positions to build your team around. Not players but positions its self. For example let's say qb first, MLB, FS etc.. I'm trying to put a powerhouse team together..

Erm just based on gameplay so far my top 5 positions would be MLB, CB, WR, SS, QB...I think if you can get too guys or young guys with great devs in those positions it gives your team a good backbone.

I really find that the other positions like DE, DT, even TE you can find a ton of value later on in the draft, id also say lineman are key, you wanna try and get a line that is all 80+ overall, nothing worse than getting sacked constantly!

Appreciate the feedback. My draft is coming up n I want to build a powerhouse team. I got 31 other liked minded people I'm in a league with n the draft can be tough. Last year I went with ward who was awesome but m19 was awful n the spot I was picking was so high that I missed out on a lot of good players. This year I'm going back to the cheap Madden 20 coins basics.

Yeah honestly your best bet is to just draft a team you like. In a 32 man user league there’s gonna be a lot of reaching so the big thing is gonna be drafting your guys and finding value in other players when people reach!

Thank you for this! I know from past experiences and doing something similar to this, it takes a long time and a lot of work to put this together. You sir are a saint!

With that in mind, we'd love to generate our order now so we have some time in advance for prep. Do you know if I start a CFM now and set an order, and then pause the draft, will people be able to join the league with the draft started? I ask because some people are out of town and won't be able to join until near draft day.

I don't really have en excuse, but I woke up this morning excited to find out who the final MUT10 player was, and then it dawned on me I couldn't remember who last week's was.

Then I remembered it was Joe Thomas. Then I promptly realized, "Oh shit, if I couldn't remember who it was after just a week, I know I didn't do his challenges..."

Yea I agree, to me it's just a scumbag move from a scumbag company. They closed their own office on one of the Fridays because of the hurricane.

It's just clear that this promo is designed to extract the maximum amount of $$ in every way with absolutely no regard for the players from the ltds to the limited time challenges. EA wants more of the series 3 packs ripped so they don't want to give makeup tokens.