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Glad you are enjoying the Madden 20 coins guide

Nov-12-2019 PST Madden 20

No problem! Glad you are enjoying the Madden 20 coins guide and yeah I’ve wanted to have development traits in there for a while :) got a pretty hectic work weekend but hoping to finish off all the player by player rounds by Sunday then will be going through and doing all the dev traits!

Hey! I love and appreciate this information, in fact I've referenced this spread sheet both this year and last year!! I'm commenting just to let you know that as of 9/9/19 some of this is outdated. Players have changed positions and some of the drafted rounds of players are up to 6 rounds off.

The only major differences I say mainly came on defense. I’m an Alabama fan, so I pay attention to those guys very specifically and recently did a fantasy draft where I ONLY drafted Alabama guys. I noticed Mack Wilson was changed from a MLB going undrafted, to being a ROLB and being draft somewhere in the 40s.

You’re welcome! I’m running a draft now and whilst some of it is out of date it’s still a great tool to use!

Now that we are going in on week 5, when starting a franchise, should we pick Import 75 man rosters to be able to cheap Mut 20 coins use this guide? Thanks for doing this, its huge help.

Heads up to everyone, once the update drops I will be updating this so I’d imagine the board is gonna be empty for a couple hours, will also be adding age and dev trait to it over the next day or so!

This is amazing. This is the first Madden game I've bought in probably 10 years. I used to only play fantasy draft and it took rounds and rounds of learning the computers tendencies to get an optimal team. One look at this and I drafted an 86 overall. Big thanks!

If you can’t invite him could always try to add another user in the settings once you’ve started the franchise. It definitely should be doable!

Man this is so awesome. Do you still plan on doing an updated one now that the pre-season is over?

I run a 32 man GM league that does Fantasy Draft and am currently working on a tool for our league (very primitive). But my question for you is, your data is from 100% cpu picks correct.

Yes, I didn’t pick at all I merely simmed and noted down the picks. Then I simmed about 5 more times just to check the variations of which there were some but not huge amounts!

Sweet thanks. Position Importance is the least important part of my equation but still cool to see what the cpu thinks.

The other factors I place more value on (in order) Overall Dev Trait Age Positional Importance.

Please excuse my ignorant football draft knowledge, but could you please quickly explain how to read this spreadsheet?

Of course, so each pick is numbered on the left, it tells you who the player is that was taken, their position and if they have Superstar Dev trait.

Directly to the right of that there are boxes which tell you how many of each position went in that round.

Now if you look at the table, there’s a key underneath it. The table goes round by round and tells you your most optimal picks, the more green the better, yellow is a decent pick, red is a no no. Again this is all for positions and not players so if there’s a particular player you want then grab him!

I think the only thing that doesn't make sense to me is the table on the far right. How is the far right table telling me the most "optimal picks" if it is only by position?