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​How to combat a DEF built on speed

Dec-16-2019 PST Madden 20

Looking for admonition on the best way to strategize adjoin a DEF congenital on speed.

A guy in my alliance builds his DEF alone utilizing speed. Usually drafting (or trading) for ample & fast FS/SS and affective them into OLB positions.

He afresh will await on abundant blitzing, while acute the corners, and bottomward a LB into a mid-zone.

His LBs are usually in the 90-93 acceleration range, DBs are 94+ speed.

The abundant burden prevents any abysmal routes from developing (plus his accelerated CBs can usually balance from pressing).

Quick slants and awning passes accept abstinent success. Active is about non-existent (with my ambiguous aback (T.Cohen)).

1. Is there a cadre accumulation that would be bigger ill-fitted adjoin this blazon of DEF? Ability RBs? Possession WRs?

2. Are there specific bales that are added acknowledged adjoin a accelerated DEF?

Thank you.