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I wonder if it’s better to Madden 20 coins

Nov-26-2019 PST Madden 20

Will somebody like Deion get more upgrades? I was considering taking Calvin but he won't get more upgrades as an OOP card, but Deion might.Wow. That changes things for sure. I’ve got Moss powered up to 90. I wonder if it’s better to Madden 20 coins just wait to make my selection if there’s something that needs to be fixed.Prob taking Moss but with Troy it’s hard since he’s a 93 and won’t be in sets til series 4 while series 3 and 125 daily objective give 91-92 passes.

Yeah imma go deion myself because I'm a huge cowboy fan and he's gonna shut down any moss I go against lol I hope right.How is Vick’s release? I currently have 84 PU Rodgers but love his release and don’t want to switch unless another qb has a fast release even though I prefer mobile QBs.

I think he is a really good choice. I am biased, as he was the only one I was ever taking, since I run a Browns team. But, outside of Moss I think there is a good argument to put Thomas over anyone else, based heavily on the  fact that every other play (outside of Moss) has a player at the same position who can be pretty close, or a player over the next promo or so who will be close/better.

We all know that EA are not exactly putting out higher overall LTs in large supply, so it could be a month(s) before anyone surpasses him, and they will be extremely expensive, as top linemen always are.

No one likes spending a ton of coins on the offensive line, and I think Thomas basically ensures you can make it through December without having to even think about a LT upgrade if you are highly competitive, or even longer if you are more of a casual player.

As someone who only plays solos, I will likely not have to touch that spot all year, unless I have coins to burn and he gets another card.My fear is if I take Joe Thomas they will release a Tony Boselli a week or two from now. I have a feeling he might be back in the game.

Who should I choose? I run a Broncos theme 40/50. I only play buy Madden nfl 20 coins squads so I'm defense and my friend is offense. My offense isn't good, but that plus my defense is good enough to win house rules so I don't want anyone on offense. Planning on getting Suh with my house rules win.

I bought gronk a while ago and just sold him. Take someone else. He’s the cheapest M10 and will only get cheaper next week.

I'm happy with my current receiving core but Randy would be an obvious upgrade. With that said, Randy or Troy? I'm a Steelers fan so Troy is looking miiiiighty enticing.

Hoes does Peppers play at OLB? I have an 89 Von Miller and not sure if it's worth paying like 500k+ for his 91 overall card. I have Lockett/Holt and coins to buy T.O/Julio or something else at WR3. Is Moss really that good? Basically comes down to Moss/Von Miller who's expensive as shit vs Peppers/WR under 300k coins? Anybody who's played with Miller and Peppers fully PU'ed?

Calvins stats look trash to me. Other than his height. Catching is only 70+ and the overall is being pumped up because his route running stats are high. He was my choice till I looked.

He's at least 92. Would be tough to justify the Bo or Willis with higher overall cards coming out at their positions and they are 91. Peppers is still the best LE is the game, especially when looking at true 4-3 guys, if that's what you're running.