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I've always been playing Maplestory M Mesos

Aug-27-2019 PST Maplestory M

I've always been playing Maplestory M Mesos on and off ever since I was in middle school, but I never did seem to get far enough in level and story so I can't speak for the quality. I always found it cool how a lot of the classes/characters had a relation to the Black Mage in some way. This gave many different perspectives towards the conflict against the Black Mage and really connected all the classes together.

It wasn't really like that until the introduction of the Cygnus Knights I'd say. And even then, they didn't really amp up the backstory until the M.A.P.L.E Hero classes were released. That's when it reaaally got interesting!

The mechanics behind the boss fight was a service wide HP pool, i.e. everyone playing on the Korean version of MaplestoryM Mesos buy was contributing damage to the same HP bar across 4 phases. This took the Korean server about 3 weeks to completely deplete the bar.

That's my favorite kind of MMORPG lore, the lore that makes me feel like a tiny bee in the huge swarm that stung the mighty dragon to death. Bonus points if no one knows who delivered the final sting, the coup-de-grace. There are no heroes who saved the world, but just a world full of average people who worked really hard to save themselves.

I feel this kind of writing and lore is necessary to really put the "MM" in MMORPGs. If I wanted to the baddest bad ass in the world, I'd stick to single player games.

Lol, I read your last sentence as "If I wanted to be the baddest ass in the world" and chuckled a little bad haha.

I didn't really play much but my brother did. All I saw when he was playing was triggering an auto clicker to get into a dungeon instance.ngeon instance.

Fits the time frame, yeah. I didn't really pay attention to it, I was playing Dragon Nest at time IIRC.

Yea maplestory was a little different back then. It was all about Party quests were you had to talk to an npc to get in (only one party per channel and there were only 19 channels). So a lot of people were using auto clicks at the time.

Maplestory 1 has some glaring issues, but I really enjoyed their stories and world and music. what a great world to be a part of, hopefully they explore some other plotlines and don't just leave it to die.

It's amazing to hear its finally been defeated. I've been watching the story here and there for years. It did get kind of goofy with all the intros of the Heroes during thier fights with the black mage the first time. But those 2d animated cutscenes are great and I wish they'd make another more current MapleStory anime I'd watch that.