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The damage from angel ray is Maplestory M Mesos

Nov-20-2019 PST Maplestory M

Started since launch. If I had any tip it would be to upgrade my starforce to 20 before fusing/rankup your gear before legendary. You'll save a lot of money in the long run.

Before you do anything else, please just get some pulls using the 500k treasure box and get yourself an epic secondary weapon. Or simply buy it from TS if there is a cheap one available.

Wow looking at that ring... you really have been playing for quite long. Probably you didn't spend much time in it. Just change to another class. The endgame is already over for BM.holy mother of god. I would love to see your gear even just stats. look forward to the next video for the equips. Full buffs taken for this run.

I’m sure there’s a better way of you killing the cht , you can hit every upper part of ht with angel ray when you stand at a specific spot Fellow A2S Bishop here.. at first I was wondering why Envy did bigbang as well because I always stand at the specific position you mention..

It only hit 5 parts too.. Angel ray damage output is not easy.. After watching how Envy playing with the forgotten Big Bang skills.. I was wondering why and I tried it myself and surprisingly is very effective although I still did not down it but I manage lower the hp significantly.. After watching a few times.

I realise that playing with Bigbang + Hyper(More target counts) deal more dmg.. The way he position himself is to make sure his hyper hit more target.. If I were to stand solely on the edge of second level platform.. My hyper won’t be able to hit as much target.. Really got to give my biggest Respect to Envy as a fellow mage player. Awesome tactics..

The damage from angel ray is Maplestory M Mesos significantly higher than damage from big bang though. In both methods, envy’s one and the one we know, there are two separate parts that we have to hit so we can kill HT.

For envy’s method, it’s [legs+hands] and [heads] For the method we know, it’s [head+hands] and [legs] both methods require 2 parts, is heaven’s door damage really so massive that it can compensate for the lack of damage from big bang?

If you realise after Envy finish off the bottom part. Envy went to the right front platform showing us how many targets that position can be hit(3 targets) then quickly move over to the MaplestoryM Mesos Buy left second platform(which is the position you mention) and start damaging all 5 parts.

I tried using Envy’s method too. A pity I can’t solo it due to my damage output but I manage to see big difference using this method. Got to say envy is a Pro bishop with good tactics and positioning. Maybe you should try also. Quite amazing haha!!