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I playing Maplestory M Mesos game for a while now

Oct-28-2019 PST Maplestory M

Thank you for the kind compliment. I actually tried and nautilus seemed bugged to me. i tested it out on guild dungeon and apparently only the first few hits registered the extra attacks. overall it was weaker compared to when im using other skills.

I use sharp eyes and cross surge as they do not have a cooldown. I swap it to combat order and time leap after to maximise my dmg output for the first 2 heads, after which CHT will debuff, so it doesn’t rly matter at the final stage.

This is a little off topic but phantoms single target dmg is pretty bad so if you ever "invest" pick something else. Probsbly wait for luminous and see how good they are.

I think this is less confusing... because pba has the p in it. Perfect can only be one, or at the least 1 method to make it. True pba sounds weaker than pba i feel.

So far i have all my jaihin pba weapons made from emblem scrolls...

2 x claws, now mythic at 4981 1 x wand, now mythic at 4962 1x polearm, now legend at 2961 1 x cane, now legend at 2999 1 x hammer, now legend at 3003.

I have a lot of luck with emblem scrolls, as a f2p. The good thing about ranking up and emblem scrolling is you can choose all of them to be any type... for mine... all of them jaihin... The bad thing is you have to keep them in your stash for months before you can use them because you gotta wait until they are finally able to rank up to mythic. I got my cane 2 wks ago and i have yet to use it. My polearm i got it 2mths ago, and yet to use it. I only just started to use the claws these days which i got 2-3 mths ago.

I playing Maplestory M Mesos game for a while now, and I still have no understanding of what I'm doing lol. For example, what is a PBA, what is an emblem, if it is worth it to become p2p are all huge questions that I have.

Increase your starforce until atleast 80 or 90, Appraise all your equipment, Rankup your bow when you get enough mesos.

It’s never a good idea to spend on Buy MaplestoryM Mesos games unless it’s excess for you. Imo, the emblem packages that are out right now are super worth it and I’ve personally bought all the armor emblem ones. ( I haven’t spent in awhile but the emblem packages were too good of a deal imo).

To answer some basic Questions.

PBA (PERFECT BASE ATK) - This means the highest possible atk regardless Phy or Mag on the weapon. It's the weapon that you will want for Endgame content. Now, there are 2 types of PBA you will see. PBA and True PBA. Normal PBA is achieved through Innocence Scroll that adds 1-10% (10 being the best) atk to your weapon. True PBA is achieved from a Normal Rank PBA weapon. RANKED UP to mythic then achieving an Emblem. A PBA and True PBA will have a difference of 54 Atk.

Emblems - EMBLEMS are the solid maple leaf background you see on various items, at Endgame it is desirable to have an Emblem on all items as Emblems add 30% more stats and give an additional potential (Crit Dmg, Phy/Mag Atk, Boss Atk, Boss Def) the desirability is in that order.

Starforce - Starforce is achieved through Enhancing your items to get stars, it is the main way to get exp in this game, most of your time will be used in Auto Battles at starforce. Most players tend to Max SF at EPIC RANK due to less funds required and to fix. It is desirable to have 17/18 SF on all your items to obtain 147 SF which currently is the highest required SF.