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You would still be Maplestory M Mesos

Oct-15-2019 PST Maplestory M

Doesnt dojo have endless floors? I've made it to floor 30 and there's no way you're clearing 30 floors in 43 seconds. Even if you were 1 shotting the enemies you would still be Maplestory M Mesos at the mercy of load times to the next room. Assuming it took 1 sec to fight the monster and 1 sec to load to the next boss fight that's still 60 seconds but floor 30 also isn't the end.

The reason why so many Bowmasters are first place is because, I assume, their hurricane skill is allowing them to hold down the key and quickly kill the bosses before they get the chance to properly spawn.

This is possible with other classes, but their attacks aren't as constant as hurricane skills, so they can't kill the bosses as soon as they spawn as is the case with Bowmasters.

I'm guessing there are some bugs around regarding the dojo. The best time clear time for DK's was 43 seconds from someone with worse equip than me that was 2 levels lower and it took me over 2 minutes to clear, no idea why.

Yea it seemed a bit weird to me. I got mine down to 1 minute 1 second and my gear seemed to be better than the top times. I found that using the dash move (forget what it was called) got me the best time since it one shot a lot.

Nope, only use on mythic rank if u want true pba. Anyway the difference for both only few attack.

I recently passed an emblem scroll on my legendary PBA Jaihin claw. The perfectionist in me is disappointed.

I personally would have not rank it up to mythic if it wasn't emblem, though.

It varies. Sometimes you get true pba sometimes you don’t. Mythic emblem scrolling is guaranteed.

I mean it would definitely be less than a 54 dmg difference though, right? If I emblem a legendary weapon, what do you think the max difference in damage would be?

I believe the results are the MaplestoryM Mesos buy same emblem-ing on unique/legendary/mythic. We even tried on crossbow emblem-ing on unique and got 5002 for the final result.

You're missing the part when you emblem an already true PBA mythic. People have explained it before that at mythic numbers round up so an actual true PBA on a Jai cane, claw, and knuckle is 4981. Minuscule difference, but if your intent is to educate people about the difference, this is also worth noting.

Jaihin Cane is 4981, Jaihin Guard(Claw) is 4981 and Jaihin Claw (Knuckle) is 4979 for True PBA. We tried rank up from unique, legendary, mythic the result shows the same. Unless you really saw a Jaihin Claw (Knuckle) for TB/Bucc is 4981.

If there is 54 points then depends on how much crit and phy atk increase you have, i guess it will be around 1 thousand.

Difference class weapon have difference output range. For example Crossbow true PBA is 5002.

It would be the same. Empress equipment has an additional line at the end (e.g. + 250). It dosent contribute to the base stats so scrolling at both will get the same results Its PBA but not true PBA. For true PBA, you need to start from Normal rank Perfect Base Attack.

Can we demote the terms "From pba to near pba" And "From True pba to pba"Please?